We’ve achieved as much as 10 mpg over EPA estimates in a Volkswagen Golf TDI, but fellow auto journalist Wayne Gerdes has once again put us to shame.

On a planned road trip of the lower 48 states, closely monitored by the Guinness World Records team, Gerdes and co-driver Bob Winger set a record in a 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI of 81.17 mpg.

On the tour which covered 8,233.5 miles in two-weeks, they used a total of 101.43 gallons. And on today’s diesel fuel prices, the total fuel cost was $294.98.

This set a new Guinness World Record for “lowest fuel consumption – 48 U.S. Contiguous States, “ beating his previous record of 77.99 mpg set in a Passat TDI in 2013.

There has to be a trick right? Well, Gerdes says that indeed some well practiced hyper-miling techniques were employed, but these are things that we can all do.

Some of these include the obvious, not exceeding the posted speed limit. But also terrain management like keeping the accelerator at a constant set when approaching mild hills such as an overpass and let it slow a bit, then letting the car’s momentum push it back up to speed on the downside.

He knows what he’s talking about. He’s piloted many similar ventures before and has made a career of it.

Up until now I was proud of myself in my recent week with the 2015 Golf TDI where I got 46 mpg. That’s a far distance from 81. My hat is off to you Wayne. You can follow him at his website cleanmpg.com.