The 2022 Ford Maverick is available with a lot of extras in the cargo box, but if you get base model XL or mid-level XLT you will find a more basic level of equipment. One of the things we wanted to add to our Maverick XL long term tester was some 12V based power outlets out back.

Searching online we found a wide selection of marine style power outlets that come in a variety of combinations and style. We settled on a simple combination of a standard 12V outlet and one for USB charging ports.

These were purchased from Amazon for under $15 and came with a panel to mount them with as well as the necessary wiring to tie them all together with the truck’s 12V power supply. Their quality is seemingly good and they have weather resistant rubber covers to keep water out of them.

We utilized the factory cover plate at the passenger rear side of the cargo box to locate the outlets and used the factory accessory 12V power source found right next to it. The truck came with one plug and wire set to use, and you can always get more at your local dealership.

Pulling the cover and stringing the wire through was relatively easy and straight forward. A hole is punched through the sheetmetal allowing for an easy connection to the factory 12V source. It is a switched and fused source, so that part is already handled on the back end.

Installing the two outlets into the plastic cover started with marking the hole locations for the outer screws and for the larger holes of the outlets. Using a small drill bit, holes were made for the mounting screws and then pilot holes for the two outlets.

A hole cutting tool was used to cut the outlet holes, taking care to make sure their alignment was straight and level. After some basic cleaning, it’s ready to assemble.

The small panel is not necessary to install the two round outlets but I thought it gave a more finished look. Installation was quick and easy, slipping the two outlets through the panel and the access cover and securing them tight with the twist nuts and then the four mounting screws.

Instruction came for the wiring along with pre-made harnesses and a collection of connectors. Luckily I had a few extra as well as a crimping tool to get it all put together as advertised and then connected to the 12V power source.

Some people might prefer soldering their connections, but I have always had sufficient results using crimp connectors. The final connections were wrapped tightly with electrical tape to keep moisture out. Heat shrink sleeves are another good option here, some might even say the best in leiu of electrical tape.

Once power and was tested and checked, the panel was reinstalled back into its place for a nicely finished and professionally looking result. As stated there are a wide variety of these products available online with different styles, switches and provisions for other accessories so you can really set it up for your own needs.

As stated, the 12V source is switched and fused from the factory. It will stay powered on for a period of time after you turn off the truck – eventually powering off when the computer thinks it’s time.


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