This year at the SEMA Show Toyota took on a dominant role as the major manufacturer of record, taking over and sprawling into the large space where Ford used to reside as the Blue Oval was noticeably absent having bailed out of the show this year.

Marking the occasion to take over the most prominent location at the Las Vegas Convention Center was a cavalcade of Toyota show cars and concept vehicles, the centerpiece being the Toyota Tundra Trailhunter Concept.

You see, Toyota has awoke to the reality that the Overlanding crowd wants more – a lot more and they seemingly have the money to pay for it. Toyota no more want’s to only be in the game of providing a blank canvas to creators and builder, no they want to build themselves.

Enter the new Trailhunter Purpose-Built Overlanding Trucks that Toyota plans to begin offering, fully outfitted Overlanding rigs engineered, designed and built straight from Toyota – backed and warrantied by Toyota and financed by your local Toyota dealerships.

With a laundry list of mechanically engineered hardware and accouterments, Toyota is planning to offer purpose-built trucks and SUVs as the newly named Trailhunter trim grade and will serve as a flagship offering. Furthermore a complimentary line of Toyota Genuine or Associated Accessory Products will be available to augment the vehicles through Toyota dealerships.

Toyota says the Trailhunter trucks and SUVs will be highly capable, and specifically designed overlanding rigs. To wit, the Toyota Tundra Trailhunter Concept showcases a number of potential products, modifications and equipment that will encompass the Trailhunter brand.

To start with, underneath are a number of comprehensive suspension upgrades from custom control arms to springs and shocks with the Trailhunter logo. Skid plates range underneath front to back. Custom custom steel bumpers are all added. Yes, a major lift kit too.

On the concept are also a concept roof rack and rear bed rack set up to mount a lot of custom lighting, a rooftop tent and lots of other camping gear including a refrigerator. Of note, the racks and gear are all designed with the structural integrity of Tundra and Tacoma’s composite cargo boxes in mind.

The concept also features Trailhunter graphics and design elements everywhere you look. Then there is the Trailhunter badge resembling a compass to reinforce that the journey is the main purpose. Get used to it as it will be on every build.

As Toyota says, the Tundra Trailhunter Concept is just a sampler. Over time they intend to bring the Trailhunter treatment to other vehicles in the lineup likely to include Tacoma and Sequoia at the very least and likely others when and where the opportunity presents itself.