The 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Sport top engine option is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine called EcoBoost. In the Bronco Sport we have here, it comes mated exclusively to an 8-speed automatic transmission and is optioned with the Advanced AWD system because it is based on the Badlands trim.

As such, the engine is rated at 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque and has an EPA rated fuel economy of 21 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 23 mpg combined. While the published horsepower is based on premium gasoline, the EPA rating shows recommended fuel to be regular.

The EcoBoost 2.0-liter engine is in its second generation and features direct fuel injection, twin independent cam timing for its 16 valves and is of course turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled.

One look at the engine compartment shows familiarity with both the contemporary Ford Maverick and Ford Escape with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine as they share a common platform architecture and thus many under hood components.

Following the airflow, the intake charge starts at the top of the radiator and travels through a plastic duct to the air-filter box at the driver side of the engine bay. Changing the filter appears to be easy, needing only to pop a couple clips to access the element.

Intake air travels from there through another duct to the turbocharger which is at the rear of the engine and out of sight from above. The turbocharger is mounted directly to the aluminum head which has an integral exhaust manifold for better thermal efficiency.

The intake charge then travels through ducting to the air-to-air intercooler mounted behind the front bumper and then back up to the throttle body located at the bottom of the composite intake manifold. From there it travels into the head and to the cylinders.

On the top of the head you can see all four spark plug coil packs. The direct fuel injection system is mostly hidden away however under the composite valve cover with only a couple components visible such as the cam driven high-pressure fuel pump seen with the black foam “hat” cover.

In spite of being tightly packaged, doing your own service and maintenance is relatively straight forward. Windshield washer fluid is at the passenger side fender with a bright blue cap. Next to it is the main engine coolant reservoir. The oil dipstick and filler cap are easy to find at the top of the engine in plain sight. Changing the oil filter requires access underneath. Checking the brake fluid is done at the driver-side firewall.

You will note here is an electric motor computer controlled booster master cylinder ABS combination unit as this vehicle is equipped with the CoPilot 360 package which requires the ability for the computer to apply and control the brakes.

The 12-volt battery is located just to the side of the brake fluid reservoir and easy to access. While the main breaker fuses are under the hood, most accessory fuses are located under the glovebox at the consumer grade access block.

Because the Bronco Sport has standard LED headlamp assemblies, only the turn signal and parking lamp bulbs are user serviceable. Looking forward you can see the electric radiator cooling fan which should be respected even which the engine is turned off.