Anyone building trucks will tell you that Texas is by and far their largest market in the United States. This makes the Texas State Fair each year Dallas the battle ground for PR between not only the Big Three but now brands like Toyota and Nissan.

They all have huge spreads with lots of the latest trucks on display amid gratuitous marketing lifestyle theatrics, and yes the smell of Texas BBQ hangs thick in the air.

For the automotive press they save their big truck news for the fair, sharing their latest brand bragging rights and sometimes the introduction of something new.

Ford is getting ready to launch their all new aluminum body 2015 F-150 pickups, which are front and center here in Texas. Show goers will get the chance to see the new tucks up close and personal before it comes to market late this year.

While its aluminum construction and new EcoBoost engines are much of the big news for the new F-150, Ford is really hammering home the available tech features. As part of their press event theatrics, the paralell paking assist system was demonstrated by a real life Texas rancher.

At the GM camp, they were flush with excitement about the launch of their new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickups. Chevrolet gave a sneak peek of their Colorado Sport Concept which will appear at the SEMA Show in November.

The truck showcases a number of what will likely be dealer accessories which are part of the new Gear On system of attachments. Appearance accessories like wheel arch moldings, wheels and graphics also give a hint of how customers will be able to outfit their new Colorado.

Toyota just announced earlier this year they are pulling up stakes from Torrance, CA and moving their entire North American headquarters to Plano, TX, just outside of Dallas. So they rubbed it on pretty thick about how they are now for all intents Texas citizens through and through.

Bolstering that theme with Bass Pro Shops family members and a celebrity angler on hand, they unveiled a special edition 2015 Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shops pickup which will be available primarily in Gulf States. The pickup comes in silver only with unique fender flares, wheels, various interior and exterior acouturements and Bass Pro Shops graphics.

While trucks are front and center, SUV’s get some of the limelight too. Jeep was on hand with their new 2015 Renegade compact crossover, its first public showing in Dallas. The new Renegade launches very soon and represents a number of first for the brand.

Designed in North America and built in Italy, the Renegade has had a high share of interest both from consumers and the Jeep enthusiast elite. Jeep is touting its class leading off-road cred which indeed is likely to stand out in the segment.

We’ll reserve judgement on that until we get behind the wheel of the new 2015 Jeep renegade later this fall.

Nissan had their Project Titan on display fresh off its Alaskan adventure with Wounded Warrior Project Alumni David Guzman and Kevin McMahon. The Iraq war veterans shared some of their more poignant reflections from the trek.

The Nissan press conference wasn’t without product red-meat however as they made it well known that come this winter we will see the all new Titan pickups with Cummins diesel power.