Infiniti headlined the Paris Motor Show with their concept which foretells the brand’s intent for the top-class luxury sedan segment.

The aggressive and artfully sculpted Q80 Inspiration Infiniti says boldly, is their vision of what a future premium halo sedan from the brand will take form.

Called a four-door fastback, the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration is large. Measuring 79” wide and 199” long it casts a shadow similar to a Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

It is indeed a daring design, long and low. In fact it’s height at 53” is 5” to 6” lower than those other two cars and really almost puts it in Porsche Panamera territory. Details like its swept C-Pillar and super-car like frontal design set it apart from the formal look of its peers.

The concept explores autonomous driving technology which uses cameras, lasers and sensors, to perform what will become common place in our lifetimes, driver-less motoring.

We’ll be saving gasoline at least as the Q80 Inspiration showcases a hybrid power-train. Don’t despair however, when you do choose to drive yourself you will have 550 horsepower on tap.

A twin turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 and electric motors forecast a power-train Infiniti says is production intent within the next two years. It’s said to offer over 40 mpg in a car such as the Q80.

The Q80 Inspiration is a concept but as its name fits into the current Infiniti lineup, its safe to say its on its way likely by 2017 model year. For more news and test drives of hybrid or electric vehicles see our partner channel