The 1970’s seems to be a theme with Scion this year at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. And nothing says this more than the shagadellic Riley Hawk Scion xB.

The custom build by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions is a hearty back slap of 1970′s mock and style right down to the rich, thick shag carpeting on the floor.

Themed by the visions of professional skateboarder Riley Hawk, the interior and exterior is oozing with 1970′s excess from the paint work to its port hole windows at the rear.

Non-functional side-pipes add a sense of flair along with chrome Cragar style wheels and white-letter tires. Functional is a hidden cargo area created with an INNO rack system. Skateboards can be stored inside or hung on the tail-gate while at the park.

Inside you will find acres of tasteless wood-grain, tufted tuck-n-roll seat upholstery, and even an 8-track player and storage console for tapes. A built-in CB radio is there to keep on top of your good buddies. But don’t think the future and present has been left behind.

The cabin blends in modernism with a Pioneer Sound System and the ability to play guitar through the audio system using an iPad mini as mixer. There’s also a rear-facing flat-screen monitor and rear seat tables for laptop computers.

Kind of reminds me of those Pinto van wagons of the 1970’s which sported the bubble window and similar stripes. Kinda dates me don’t it.