I am sure you have asked yourself this question right? What if we could redirect plastics from landfills and use them to build a 2015 Ford F-150?

Well Ford has asked the question and answered it, working with a company called Unifi to integrate reclaimed plastic fiber material called REPREVE into as many of their models as possible.

REPREVE is made from 100 percent recycled materials including plastic bottles and can be woven into seating fabrics, sound deadening, carpeting and even used for trims.

Given the Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle made on the planet, Ford says it can divert more than five million plastic bottles from landfills this year by using the reclaimed material in the seats.

The F-150 is one of five high-production global vehicles Ford builds which use REPREVE fibers in various ways, with more on the way soon.

So next time you are taking your new 2015 Ford F-150 out into nature and plundering through protected water sheds like a bull in a China shop, you can feel better about it knowing that a landfill somewhere at least is less impacted.

I feel better about it. Don’t you?