As you can tell from its stance, this 2015 Mustang fully bagged with an air suspension from Air Lift, their top-end digital system which allows for complete height and damper adjustments at all four corners.

Matte black Ultimate Performance UP100 wheels finish off the look tucked in nice and tight. Sizes are 19 x 8.5 at the front with 245 section tires and 19 x 9.5 at the back with 275 section rubber.

Under the hood, Stage3Motorsports added a number of key mods starting with a free breathing JLT cold-air intake which of the variety available for the EcoBoost Mustang, they found to perform best.

The next step in the air charge management is the addition of a Full Race Freakoboost Intercooler Upgrade which offers more capacity and better cooling, which always makes more power.

Then on the backside of the boost, Stage3Motorsports added a TurboSmart Kompact Dual-Port blow-off valve which gives that classic sound people want, while diverting 50% of its flow back into the system to keep the computer happy.

For long term reliability and ease of maintenance, they added a UPR catch-can which serves to keep oil from blow-by in the PCV system from accumulating in the intake tract. A nice touch.

A custom tune using a COBB Accessport V3 Tuner dialed in a custom set of parameters to take advantage of the increased breathing and lower temperatures of the air-charge.

Baseline power on the Stage3Motorsports EcoBoost Mustang before any mods was 275 rwhp and 290 rwtq. The combination of mods and tune brought a gain of about 30 rwhp and 60 pound-feet of torque with now 350 at the rear wheels.

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