Ford is turning up the tease on the Shelby GT350R Mustang this week, stretching its legs at Grattan raceway in Michigan for high-speed ride-alongs.

Ford says the new GT350R beats the Camaro Z/28’s time at the track and matches that of the Porsche GT3. Exact times weren’t quoted, so we’ll have to trust them for now.

The event was the first public flogging of the car. Automotive journalists were taken along for high-speed ride-alongs on the race course with professional Ford drivers.

Full on test drives will come later this fall. Whether we will be there or not is anyone’s guess. We haven’t yet seen an invitation to the big event.

The 2015-2016 Shelby GT350R certainly has its share of interest both in the journalistic pool as well as the enthusiasts and customer base out there.

With its 526 horsepower flat-plane crankshaft V8 blurting out sounds that make most stop, turn their head and listen at the track, it will surely do so out in the wilds when it comes.

While pricing has not yet been announced, rumors are the Shelby GT350R will start at $63,495 or somewhere close, a significant uptick from the Shelby GT350.

It is said to weigh in at 130 pounds less than the Mustang GT due in part to the carbon fiber wheels and other components as well as lacking a rear seat and audio system.

You have voted the car the most newsworthy thing this year based on your viewing of our videos. We’ll keep bringing you the latest and that test drive review….whenever it comes.