For 2024 the S550 Ford Mustang became the next-generation S650 Mustang with an evolutionary styling rework, an all-new interior and a number of detail tweaks throughout. While almost all of the part numbers will have changed, the basics and bones are the same between the two.

Likely in it’s last generation to be powered by a gasoline engine, the 2024 Mustang GT gets more standard horsepower than ever. It’s 5.0-liter Coyote V8 has been massaged once again and given a striking dual filter intake system that enables it to belt out 486 horsepower and 418 pound-feet of torque on premium fuel. Those numbers are a little extra by way of it’s optional “Active Valve” exhaust system which flows a bit more freely than the standard pipes.

The interior is brought into the current marketplace requirements checklist that includes the kind of tech inside that younger buyers expect. This means the dual cowl cockpit interior design is gone to make way for a curve-around dash layout that accommodates a well done 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster screen and a 13.2” infotainment and user interface screen packed full of functional feature content.

To the latter, many of the old school Mustang alumni might bemoan the nod to Millenials and their want for big digital screens but I like it. The graphics are well done throughout and while some hard controls are lost to touchscreen menu picks, the outcome is worthy of the redesigned dash.

It’s instrument cluster for instance features a variety of graphic skins that allows your favorite look and information set. There is even a “Fox Body” instrument cluster skin that’s a bone to throw. The center screen features all of the expected Navigation, Connectivity and feature content plus a track-apps screen that gives you all manner of timers and functionality to measure your driving skills, set up the car’s drive modes and so much more.

The standard seats are very comfortable, here upholstered in Space Gray leather with both heating and ventilation. Getting them adjusted was quick and easy with memory settings for the driver. Nice. The rear seat, not for most adults.

Driving the Mustang GT, well it’s as good as it’s always been only better. Our car had the Performance Package and the Magneride dampers optioned. This gave us better tires, brakes and shocks all around. Set to your drive modes, the dampers constantly adjust and keep things on an even keel even when you toss it hard into a corner. It’s tires are plenty sticky, the brakes plenty strong.

Launching the car from a stop is easy peasy. There is a launch control, but being a seasoned launch artist I let the clutch out at just over 4,000 rpm and it took off nicely with a sound that only a muscle head could love. So nice. This engine is a gem and the best thing since well, the previous generation 5.0 V8s.

With a Torsen rear differential it takes off mostly straight from a standing start under full power and the rear suspension offered up zero wheel hop – at least on our abrasive pavement test spot.

Road noise is on the higher side, coming in at 63.6 dB at 70 mph on our freeway test patch. This puts it just over the average of about 61 dB for most cars. What you hear is primarily tire noise and exhaust blat. Wind noise is minimal.

At $59,875 it’s well priced with its options. Base price for at Mustang GT is around $46,000. Is it a good value? Certainly it is when you consider what it’s equal competitors cost, the few that are left.