The 2021 Honda Accord received fresh styling treatments, more tech features and increased performance by way of powertrain tweaks. In our drive we found out why it remains top of class for many buyers.

Those buyers of course are those under 35 who make it the number two selling sedan for their bracket, second only to the Honda Civic. While many brands have given up selling us a sedan, Honda remains and seems to be thriving here.

Our 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring priced in at $37,590. The Hybrid like other Accord models spans trim grades from LX at the base all the way up to the fully outfitted Touring.

For 2021 the notable changes include new 19-inch wheels for the Touring with wider 235 section tires to go along with a mildly redesigned front grille and new LED headlamps. The look is substantially more upscale and sporty by way of its larger wheels.

There is a cost to those larger rollers however. Our Touring grade Accord Hybrid was rated by the EPA at 44 mpg city, 41 mpg highway and 43 mpg combined. All other grades are much higher at 48 city, 48 highway and 48 mpg combined. It’s the wider tires.

That said, in our week with the Accord Hybrid we achieved a healthy 46 mpg combined which made us happy. Performance got a slight increase for 2021 by way of a few programming changes that allow for more battery time and better response. Power ratings remain the same however at 212 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque.

Driving the Accord Hybrid is an experience in refinement for this class. It’s quieter, smoother and more traditional feeling compared to Toyota Camry for example. Its gasoline engine comes on and off nearly imperceptibly only noted by its sound.

Handling like all Accords is crisp and precise with a firm nod toward a performance feel. The only complaint was an elevated level of noise and harshness over certain kind of bumps and holes. Overall however we found it a joy to drive.

The cabin is well equipped with heated and ventilated leather seats with plenty of comfort to be had. Storage and conveniences are aplenty with niceties like a wireless charger and plenty of nooks for your things.

Ahead of the driver is a handsome digital screen based instrument cluster that has great graphics and layout. The infotainment system while offering a smaller screen than competitors is well laid out with hard controls and good menus.

Overall we found that the Accord Hybrid really rises to the top of its class when it comes to hybrid sedans in all the metrics we look at including value, quality, design, competitiveness and driving enjoyment. It makes it to our 2021 “Id Buy It” list.