The Hyundai Ioniq 6 was just a joy. While sedans and even electric cars have seen softening in the market of late, I found a lot to appreciate from this affordably priced and well executed car.


I loved its styling and its vibe long before it ever arrived at the curb for a test drive. Its modern yet retro design work inside and out make it a standout from the average dross that litters the automotive visual landscape. The silhouette is sweeping and swooping in a way that conjours up memories of Jaguar saloons of the 1960s and 1970s but even the Mercedes Benz CLS.

The cabin is a tour de force if mid-century design that harnesses the exuberance of the 1950s in the layout of the dash, almost looking like the back of a 1957 something or other. Details and patterns, forms and shades all conspire to be fun. Add in the modern technologies in high quality ergonomic layout and it all just works.

Even in our base model SE tester the cloth seats were comfortable and welcome, the material quality up to expectation in the price range. If we had a fully loaded SEL or Limited we could choose from some vivid color combinations including green and have snazzy LED backlighting to boot.


Our base model with extended range battery even with its unimpressive sounding 225 horsepower moved the Ioniq 6 with smooth and immediate thrust. With just rear wheel drive the curb weight was not much more than a standard ICE powered mid-size sedan so power to weight ratio was similar.

Range here is an advertised 361 miles which is on the higher side of average. With the AC on all week in our testing we saw closer to 310 miles which is within expectations given our 110 plus degree temps. If you opt for the AWD model, horsepower and torque increases, but range does come in less.


Because the curb weight was not as heavy as some electric cars which can approach 5000-6000 pounds, the ride and handling experience was right in line with most sedans. Even without an adaptive suspension damping or air springs, the ride was firm but comfortable. It is free of the rough and bouncy personality of heavier models. Smooth and quiet on the road, its daily drive experience matches the luxurious expectation set by its style.

Deal of the century

When you look at the pricing, this is really where I was impressed with the Ioniq 6. In a market where you more often have to spend $60-70,000 for comparable electric sedans this one starts at just under $40,000 which is more in line with front-wheel drive compacts.

Because electric cars are soft in the market right now and a loophole in the Federal Tax Credit law, leasing one is really where it’s at. As tested the Ioniq 6 here leases for about $199 a month with a $2000 drive off for 24 months. Crazy. If you step up to a more loaded Limited you are still under $400 a month. Crazy.

Id Buy It

I loved the look. I stayed for the drive. I wish I needed a new car right now because this would have been in the garage before the week of testing was done. It therefore makes our TestDrivenTV “Id Buy It” list for 2024.