In its seventh year, the 2021 Lexus RC-F gets a very limited special edition in the Fuji Speedway with only 60 units to be offered. So limited in-fact, good luck finding one anywhere.

The top-end Fuji Speedway Edition is virtually identical to the 2020 Track Edition with big ticket adds like carbon fiber bodywork for the hood, roof, rear deck fixed spoiler, rear splitter, and side rocker splitters.

Titanium mufflers and 19-inch lightweight BBS alloy wheels contribute along with several other small details to lighten the Fuji Speedway some 176 pounds over the standard Lexus RC-F coupe. Carbon Ceramic brakes from Brembo give it serious stopping power in high demand settings like the track.

As it is so exclusive it comes in only two colors, a satin white pearl called Arctic Blast or the the shimmering shade of Cloudburst Gray we have on our tester.

Its interior comes trimmed in Circuit Red leather with Alcantara inserts. Red carbon fiber and aluminum trims go along with some of the best materials and design you will find in its class to create a unique cabin that you can work in all-day long.

The sport seats we’ve raved about time and again make that more than possible. The optioned Mark Levinson sound system adds to the experience through its 835 watts and 17 speakers.

The other sound system is its 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 which thrums, howls and sings in ways that make you always want more. Pumping out 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque, this gem of a power plant rockets the Fuji Speedway to 60 mpg in 3.96 seconds according to Lexus.

With an 8-speed automatic transmission that works like a second soul, this powertrain is one we have loved since the RC-F made its debut in 2015. It’s not all perfect however, the manual shifting via paddles or lever isn’t always right on the money for you. Really it’s best to let it do the work.

It’s huge Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes were the one thing that had us scratching our dome all week. They are noisy. They are noisy. They screech, they squeal. Not Lexus fault here, it’s just something carbon ceramic brakes do when they are not sufficiently warmed up.

Problem is, it takes heavy work on the track to warm them up sufficiently to shut them up. You will never get to that point around town driving legally. What this means is if you are driving normally day to day, you need to get used to it. If you live on the track, you’ll get silence.

Pricing in at $102,510 with options, the Fuji Speedway commands a $31,000 premium over the standard Lexus RC-F. The two major contributors to that price are the carbon fiber body work items and specifically the carbon ceramic brakes.

We loved this car in spite of the shortcomings we list. The RC-F has been a favorite with us since it arrived seven years ago. Today however we would most likely opt for the base RC-F and save a few dollars while enjoying near identical performance without the extra noise.