Underpinning the new 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is a chassis that is highly unique, featuring a number of upgrades and fortifications to give it far more capability and performance as well as make it tough enough to last in the rough.

Ford was good enough to build this color coded chassis mockup that helps us all better see and understand the upgrades and changes over the standard Bronco chassis. Blue means upgraded frame sections, yellow means new suspension hardware.

Lets start with the basics. With its unique suspension and axle hardware that we’ll get deep into in a moment in addition to its larger 37-inch tires, the Bronco Raptor has an increased track of 73.6-inches, some 8.6-inches wider.

It’s raised considerably with 13.1 inches of ground clearance, an increase of 4.8 inches more than base. Suspension travel is also way up, some 13.0 inches at the front and 14.0 inches at the rear. This is an increase of 60% and 40%.

At the front are revised shock towers for the Bronco Raptor’s coil over FOX 3.1-inch diameter internal bypass semi-active dampers which here have integrated reservoirs. On the dampers you can see the control module at the lower end and the wiring harness associated with it.

The steel upper control arm has a drop curve to facilitate it’s lift without compromising its range of motion and relationship to the unique aluminum spindle upright. You can see an electronic position sensor attached that helps the adaptive suspension system make its calculations on the fly.

Also new us a beefed up lower control arm that features a large jounce bumper that meets up with a stout bottom out pad at the frame. The spindle upright ties into a Raptor specific steering rack that has larger-diameter tire rods and revised geometry.

Driving the front wheels is an upgraded Dana 44 AdvanTEK electronic locking differential featuring a 210-millimeter ring gear and upgraded half-shafts. Seen in blue is a beefed up mounting bracket to handle the additional power and torque of its 400 plus horsepower EcoBoost V6. Also in the mix here you can also see the hydraulically actuated disconnecting sway bar mounted rear of the front axle axis.

The rear end gets a healthy dose of upgrade as well starting with more substantial frame saddles for its coil-over FOX 3.1-inch dampers here with external reservoirs located by some pretty exotic looking aluminum casings. Shown in yellow are unique steel upper and lower control arms which mount to revised frame brackets to provide extra travel, articulation and durability.

Similar to the front, suspension position sensors are seen at each side for the adaptive dampers and the bottom out bumpers are more substantial. Now you can jump without worry.

Its unique rear axle housing sports a structural aluminum differential cover with a Raptor R molded in. Behind it is a semi-float Dana 50 Heavy-Duty AdvanTEK locking differential with a 235-millimeter ring gear. Ford Performance axles from the Bronco DR race trucks are also inside.

Notable here is the dual-exhaust system which has driver adjustable dial-a-sound capability with its active valves mounted just behind a pretty unique x-pipe. Featuring what Ford calls a near-equal-length full dual-exhaust, it features a fascinating third leg from the muffler directly into the center of the x-pipe.

Expected on a vehicle like this is a significant collection of bash and skid plates to protect the expensive drivetrain from your travels. Seen at the rear is a unique trailer hitch receiver because here with its wider track and upgraded chassis the Bronco Raptor can tow 4,500, an increase of 1,000 pounds over the stock models.