The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is the fastest variation of the brand’s all-electric “pony car”, a four-door crossover instead of a sleek two-door coupe. It’s more utilitarian nature is forgotten when you mash the pedal and hit 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds.

Our well optioned tester in star white metallic priced in at $63,885, mid-pack in the growing selection of high-performance EVs starting to show up in the market. The GT trim brings more power than lower levels with 480 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque.

Power goes to all four wheels courtesy of an electric motor at each axle. Between them lies a large 88 kWh lithium-ion battery pack under the floor, about the size of a queen size mattress. This makes the Mach-E very heavy, some 4,962 pounds. Luckily that weight is down low for a best-case center of gravity scenario.

Styling is typical crossover SUV like proportions of late, much like a tall hatchback car. Mustang styling cues have however been applied to make it one such as pony logos, tri-bar tail lamps and a face that mimics the real thing. It’s a sincere effort that is for the most part convincing.

Inside you will find a modern interpretation of the Mustang’s dual-cowl dash design albeit more modern like a Scandinavian furniture store. Rich high quality materials come together to create a place that is well made and futuristic.

Our tester featured copper accents and aluminum trims to go with its ActiveX (vinyl) seating surfaces and Miko suede upholstery. The GT has increased bolstering on its seats which is a good thing as the stock Mach-E seats tend to be flat and un-supportive. These are better, but still not the best.

Center stage is a large tablet style touch screen that replaces the traditional center stack of knobs and buttons. Making the cabin simple and sleek, the SYNC4 system features excellent graphics, plenty of feature content including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto not to mention all the connectivity offered in the market today.

Audio from the B & O back end is spectacular but the controls and menus are often slow to respond to your touch and sometimes take two stabs at it to get the job done. Not a good thing when you’re behind the wheel.

Handling and ride with a near 5,000 pound vehicle tuned for a performance feel is much like driving a pickup truck. The firmly sprung and damped Mach-E does take corners and curves with poise however has a bouncy and bobbing ride quality that could use some refinement.

Power however does not disappoint. The rush you get when you mash the power pedal is immediate self-assured destruction that makes not even a sound. Did it even happen says the cops on the street corner?

Range was 235 miles on our 2021 model year tester, now 270 in the 2022 model year. Good but still behind the class average expectations which are at or above the 300 mile mark. Charging is easy in some ways, a self contained charger included for both 120 and 240V outlets. Unfortunately, there is no DC fast charging capability yet.