The 2022 BMW 230i Coupe comes to us completely redesigned, with our sample 230i tester in M Sport guise. Larger, lower and wider the 2-Series Coupe gains 4.3-inch in length, 2.6-inch in width and gets a 2-inch add to its wheelbase.

Styling is fresh and well in keeping with BMW’s latest design language, here with a slightly more conservative bent compared to some of the rest of the family. The grille for instance is a more traditional shape than the vertical “Edsel” design proliferating the lineup.

Headlamps are LED, adaptive in our M Sport and Premium Package tester. Trims are gloss black at the front and side windows with a metallic finish on the lower rockers and rear fascia. Handsome dual exhaust tips and a tasteful spoiler finish off at the rear.

Wheels are a 19-inch staggered width design with 225/40 front and 255/35 section rear tires. Through their spokes you can see the larger and clampier M Sport brakes with red calipers. Also added here is the Dynamic Handling Package.

Under the hood is a more powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, up 7 on both measures. It comes here only with an 8-speed automatic, no manual is offered.

We found the power to be impressive and its smoothness almost that of the inline six. The transmission mostly follows orders and can be shifted via steering wheel paddles or the console toggle switch. We like the Sprint Mode which utilizes the left paddle to drop to lowest gear and dial up the modes to aggressive in one pull.

Unfortunately BMW put in an idle auto-start-stop system that shudders the engine on and off in a way unbecoming of the brand, let alone a performance minded car. Yes you can turn it off every time you get in the car, the button located next to the start button.

Handling is the prize fish here with a well executed dual ball-joint front suspension and multi-link rear, an M Sport rear differential and the aforementioned tire and wheel package. On our favorite back road we found the 230i to be fun to toss around, unflappable and precise as a scalpel.

Not only does it hold the road tightly in spite of its 4400 pound curb weight but it does so with a level of refinement, finesse and poise that surprised.

The cabin is a place that will be familiar to anyone having spent time in a BMW. Materials and design are down to business, the seats just right for holding you tight while corner carving, the switch-gear just the right level of good.

Feature content was just above base with vinyl seating, heated of course. Niceties also included the upgraded Live Cockpit Pro instrument cluster and infotainment screens combo which are almost expected at this price.

All in, our 2022 BMW 230i as tested rings up at $46,570 which in the class of rear-wheel-drive sport coupes is in our opinion a good value to behold given the car’s handling and performance poise, its build quality, and it’s comfort.


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