Last October we reported on a widespread braking issue with the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid where at slow speeds the electronic braking system exhibits abrupt jerking and locking up. Now we can report that the fix is in, Ford has released an important software update for the trucks that’s available at dealerships now.

Since the truck arrived on the scene, countless owners had been complaining about the issue where the brakes are slow to adequately engage at speeds of less than 5-6 mph, then suddenly and unexpectedly grab abruptly with a loud clunk under the hood – usually inching up to a stop sign, pulling into a parking space, or stop and go traffic.

The issue as I have said in previous reports is extremely unrefined at best, potentially dangerous at worst. Not being able to depend on your brakes to predictably and consistently behave is not only annoying but can cause an accident if conditions conspire.

With the internet is full of reports about this and dozens of complaints filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford finally got the message and in early December 2022 issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that includes the installation of a software update for the electronic braking system that is designed to cure the problem.

While a formal recall would have been a more sure fire way of assuring this potentially dangerous issue is solved across all Maverick Hybrids, the TSB (TSB 22-2493) is now out to Ford dealerships nationwide. The software fix is free and performed under warranty but requires owners to be proactive and reach out to dealerships and make an appointment to get the software update.

We took our own long term test 2022 Ford Maverick XL into the dealership in late December to have the update done. Our initial experience with the service department was clumsy as they were clueless and indifferent to the issue and had to be educated on what it’s about and why we needed it.

After handing them a copy of the printed TSB they followed through and did the update. It took a couple of hours as there are no parts required, only downloading a software update from the central Ford database and installing it into the truck, the following it up with a road test.

Our initial drive home from the dealership after the upgrade was performed seemed to demonstrate the brakes were behaving better than before. Pedal feel is a bit stiffer and has more feedback. When applying light or moderate brake pressure at slow speeds under 5 mph, the brakes feel more sure and firm.

After driving the truck about 350 miles in mostly city driving my assessment is that the new software has indeed toned down the unpredictability and rude behavior of the brakes. Unfortunately there is still sometimes a noticeable click or on/off switching effect you can feel in the pedal and hear under the dash as you roll to a final stop at about 2-3 mph – it’s just not as severe as before and happens with less frequency.

Seven times however in my 350 miles I got the rough, rude and un-predicted lock-up grab with the familiar loud clunk under the hood which is the sound made by the ABS system. This happened all three times maneuvering slowly in a parking lot, pulling into a space with the wheels turned and applying the brakes light to moderately. It’s still happening, just not as much.

In the weeks since the TSB has been out I have seen in the online forums that a number of owners are also reporting that their results are mixed with the problems being muted but not 100% eliminated.

Additionally, many people are struggling with dealerships who don’t get it, can’t find the software update or simply don’t know how to update it. My advice is be firm, bring a copy of the TSB and don’t take no for an answer. Find another dealership if you need to.

In the end I give this TSB software fix a C grade as it seems that it has only gotten about 70% to solving my brake problems. As it is today, the brakes on the Ford Maverick Hybrid remain some of the least refined and driver friendly brakes of any contemporary hybrid vehicle I have tested.