The long wheelbase Volkswagen ID Buzz that will come to the shores of North America has finally been revealed and will go on sale in 2024. While the reinvented all-electric Microbus retains identical styling to the two-row European model that’s been on sale there for a year now, the one we get here is 10-inches longer and features three full rows of seating.

The longer wheelbase and length puts all of its additional inches into the dual electric sliding side doors in the middle which which allows its handsome and modern take on retro style to remain the same as the short wheelbase model – just stretched a bit.

It’s got all the retro cues that make it instantly related in soul to the Microbus of old – a huge illuminated VW logo at the front along with a full palette of bright cheery colors and two-tone paint options that can highlight a Vee-nosed styling element in its face.

It comes standard with 20-inch wheels, LED lighting all around and lots of powered accouterments like folding mirrors and opening rear gate. At the rear are styling elements that remind us of the old air vents of the Microbus, and too that there are plenty of “Easter eggs” here and there to make you smile warm inside.

The larger cabin of the three-row ID. Buzz features much of the same whimsically styled but functional makeup. Available in three color combinations at launch, the cockpit is open and airy, full of technology.

Ahead of the driver is a 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster display and center stage is a next-generation 12.9-inch infotainment touchscreen which houses not only all of the connected telematics, audio and communication features but also many deeper level controls for HVAC and other vehicle settings.

Seating up to seven passengers the interior features handy design tricks like a removable center console between the second-row seats. There are also playful features like the power and brake pedals with “play and pause” logos on them. That made me smile I will admit.

And while it does not come in a 21-window variant, Volkswagen did throw us a bone with an available glass rood measuring 67 x 40-inches – huge. It doesn’t open but it does features an electronically switchable membrane to turn it opaque or transparent.

The extended length does give a larger interior than the Euro two-row ID. Buzz yes, but it also allows for a larger battery pack under its floor. Powered by the larger 91 kWh battery, the standard RWD model comes with 282 horsepower and features a new permanent magnet synchronous motor good for up to 406 pound-feet of torque. Add AWD with an additional motor at the front and you get a total of 330 horsepower. Top speed is 99 mph, limited electronically for both.

Like other of the VW battery-electric vehicles Buzz is based on the MEB platform architecture which features a strut type front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension at the rear. Standard on all models is VW’s IQ.DRIVE driver assistance features which can support up to Level 2 autonomous capabilities.

Those are all the good news items. The downsides? Because the ID. Buzz will be built outside of North America, at their Hanover, Germany plant and imported, it will not qualify for the federal tax credit.
Furthermore, those wishing to reserve theirs online and make the purchase of a new VW ID. Buzz a more definitive and orderly process will be disappointed. According to Volkswagen there will be no reservation program, you will be on your own with the dealership network when they arrive sometime in 2024.

Then there is pricing. It hasn’t been announced yet but expect it to be thick rich piece of cake. In Europe the two-row model starts in the $60,000 range adjusted for currency. Because we get a larger and more powerful version here that will have to be imported, we may well see the average ID. Buzz to land in the $70,000 range and up. Obviously, time will tell.