With the first major refresh of the Ford Maverick likely to come for the 2025 model year unless it gets pushed back, the popular compact pickup that all but owns the market could get a number of updates in style, features and even maybe powertrains for next year.

Having been an enormously popular entry level product for Ford, the 2022 Maverick sold out well before the production year ended, and the 2023 models did as well. For 2024 they are still hard to get but they are starting to be seen sitting on dealer lots occasionally, even if it’s only for a few days.

It’s at the three year mark though and Ford usually treats their models to a mild refresh to update things like styling, feature content, colors, trim variations and even sometimes changes things up under the hood.

As an owner of one and someone knee deep in the online community of Maverick owners, as well as an automotive journalist who has a good feel for how Ford operates here is my predictive wishlist for the updates we could see on the 2025 Maverick.

Upgraded Infotainment Systems

One of the sorest of spots for owners of all Maverick trim grades is the tiny little infotainment touchscreen and lack of quality in its audio and system performance. Unless you get a fully optioned Lariat, it’s not even the latest Ford SYNC system and even then it’s not the best SYNC 4 that four offers standard in other models.

It’s got terrible usability and connectivity performance and worst of all it’s small and has that dorky cubby hole on the right that is all but useless. For 2025 the peasants with pitchforks want an updated full width touchscreen with improved feature availability and standard SYNC functionality.

It would not only make the Maverick more competitive especially since prices have gone up substantially since the truck launched but would bring it in line with what Ford offers on the rest of their lineup.

My prediction is that Ford will indeed offer a larger screen and SYNC 4 in future models but it would not surprise me if base level XL trim continues with a small screen and cubby just to encourage more people to step up and stop buying the cheap one.

Updated Interior and Color

It Ford Maverick comes with any interior color you want as long as it’s blue. To the surprise or delight of many, the standard interior on all Maverick trims since 2022 has been Navy Pier, a dark blue that all major surfaces are made of from door panels, to the dash and console.

Only seat upholstery, dash and door accent trims and other little doo-dads offer up different shades and variety. No matter what though, you get a blue backdrop. I happen to like it personally, but a lot of people have voiced a want for a black or gray variation.

I predict that Ford will give in here and offer a new color theme in the next refresh, most likely a black or charcoal that can be paired with a wider variety of trim treatments. Also expect the accent colors and seat upholstery choices to be updated as well.

The bonus here is that a wider array of exterior colors could be offered that includes more earth tones, reds, greens – shades that Ford has thus far held back on because they would clash with the blue interior.

Updated Exterior Styling

As with most product cycle refreshes, we should expect a mild update to headlights, grille, bumpers, and tail lamps that update the appearance easily with new plastic molds. We should also expect revisions in wheel designs and likely the color palette. Maybe that metallic green from the Bronco everyone has been asking for.

Don’t expect however any major changes in sheet-metal or bed and cab size changes. Anything that falls into the category of new metal stampings is a rarity in a refresh.

Performance Trim Grade

There have long been rumors and even spy photos of a performance oriented variant of the Ford Maverick that leans more into the street truck theme. This includes a lowered suspension, 19-inch wheels, revised exterior and interior trim treatments and even some pronounced exhaust outlets.

Such a new trim grade offering could likely fall into Ford’s ST-Line nomenclature or something similar. At this point it’s unlikely that Ford would offer up a special performance engine and power level similar to that we saw in the previous Focus RS so don’t get your hopes up.

New Powertrains

On the heels of the last conversation, it is possible that one or more powertrain offerings could come to the Ford Maverick. One of the things buyers have been clamoring for since 2022 is an AWD variant of the Hybrid. This is a possibility, but here is what I think may happen.

Ford has a 2.0-liter EcoBoost AWD Hybrid powertrain just introduced in the Ford Edge L and Lincoln Nautilus in China. The latter is imported here for our market. This powertrain combines the same hybrid system currently in the Maverick with the larger 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine instead of the naturally aspirated 2.5-liter and also adds AWD.

This powertrain offers up 310 horsepower which would make it the top engine option in a Maverick. It would give buyers who have been begging for an AWD hybrid a place to put their money with their mouth is. It could also be the powertrain that makes it into that performance trim grade we talked about.

If Ford did this, it would likely only be available on top trim grades though, don’t expect it in an XL or even perhaps and XLT.

The last possibility is a Plug-In Hybrid though a remote chance. Ford has the hardware on the shelf to make Maverick PHEV, identical to that found in the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair. It comes at a price though and would likely come in a single trim grade high up the scale. And with the heavy battery it would have a significantly lower payload and tow rating. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

In the end regardless of what new might come we can expect the current 2.5-liter hybrid FWD powertrain to continue on as an available choice alongside the current 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine with both FWD and AWD.

Revised Trim Grade Packaging & Feature Availability

Like 2024, expect that Ford will noodle and nudge the standard features list and reconfigure packages and trim grades as to what is offered. It’s how the game is played. It helps them simplify, save costs and steer buyers into the mix they want to build.

The XL trim grade because of its bargain basement pricing has been well more popular that Ford is willing to build. There are more than twice as many buyers who want one that trucks that will roll off the line.

The XLT trim is the most popular and where Ford wants most buyers. The Lariat also a place Ford makes good money by putting the most wanted features. If you want them, you gotta step up. There will continue to be an off-road themed trim, likely the Tremor and even the aforementioned performance variant.

Will we see a something like a Platinum, Limited or King Ranch? Anything is possible but I feel that with the bargain basement interior trims and feature levels we know now likely to continue on through this generation of Maverick, it would be a long shot.

Higher Prices

Expect pricing to continue to go up. It’s just life. End of story.


At the end of the day we will be finding out more about what the 2025 Ford Maverick will offer later this spring or early summer. New model year ordering usually starts sometime around June so they will want news to be out by then on what buyers can expect if there are any major updates.

2025 Ford Maverick production would then be expected to commence in late summer or fall with first deliveries to come late this year or early in 2025.

If there are major new powertrain options like the Plug-In Hybrid or EcoBoost Hybrid AWD, these would be most likely late availability and a very limited production mix. You would want to get your orders in early for these to have a better chance at getting one.