All-new from the ground up, the second generation of mid-size Lexus NX-350h arrived on our doorstep with sophisticated styling, a luxurious and artful new interior and the power to put a smile on your face from behind the wheel from both power and efficiency.

It’s longer, lower and wider of course. A trademark Lexus spindle grille with three-dimensional sculpting is surrounded by rich looking trims and of course high-end LED headlamps. At the rear is a full-width LED lighting treatment and now LEXUS spelled out across the rear hatch. The NX just has curb appeal. It has been a top seller for Lexus for a reason.

Our near fully loaded 2024 NX-350h AWD Luxury came in close to $55,000 which is a healthy sum but less than its NX-450h+ high-performance brother we also tested recently. I’ll point out that vehicle made our I’d Buy It list so you might see where our impressions of this vehicle are headed.

Inside drivers is an all-new cockpit design with the now expected huge digital screen treatment. A digital instrument cluster is ahead of you along with a head up display bit it’s the massive 14-inch tablet sized infotainment screen in the center that gets all the attention.

As usual the materials here are of an excellent quality as is the switch gear It has the Lexus smell and when you sit in its chairs it holds you so nice. They are comfortable and supportive, the upholstery work is beautifully crafted.

While futuristic and progressive, Lexus has retained the hard controls I love for most used items do you don’t have to page through menus to change a little thing here and there. It has Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the Mark Levinson audio upgrade is always worth the extra freight.

It’s well done and sounds great but I wish Lexus wouldn’t do so much of the subscription content here. You spent up for the Lexus, you should not have to pay extra for services.

From behind the wheel and out on the road the NX-350h features the latest generation of the brand’s well proven hybrid drivetrain. Comprised of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, hybrid eCVT transmission and standard AWD, it provides 239 combined horsepower and a targeted 36 mpg combined rating from the EPA. I saw mpg in the mid 33-34 range which is pretty impressive for and SUV that weighs in about 4,000 pounds.

Lexus says 0-60 arrives in an impressive 7.2 seconds which feels about right. Power is more than adequate but if you want speed, you upgrade to the NX-450h+. My only complaint is that while this is a proven powertrain and it’s as refined as it’s ever been, it remains a bit rough at the on-off behavior compared to many of its modern rivals.

Overall, this is a luxury SUV that strikes an excellent balance of show and go with the levels of quality and workmanship that most buyers will find just right for what it costs. We love the Lexus design ethos and we have always liked the feeling from behind the wheel.

You get the legendary Toyota quality experience with a step up in design, curb appeal and the dealership experience. What’s not to like?