In April of 2014 the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive will take hundreds of Ford Mustangs of all ages from the Saleen factory in Southern California on a seven day journey to Charlotte, NC in celebration of the Mustang’s 50th birthday.

As part of this huge global party, and TestDriven.TV are restoring a 1995 Mustang GT dubbed “Project Rewind” to be the official pace car of the Mustangs Across America road trip event.

The choice of the SN-95 era Mustang is auspicious, as nearly 20 years ago when Mustangs Across America made their inaugural journey also from California to Charlotte, NC to celebrate the Mustang 30th Anniversary in 1994, it was paced by an identical Laser Red Mustang sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

In the 20 years of Mustangs Across America events, the official pace car has always been sponsored by the likes of Ford, Roush or Saleen. But for the 50th Anniversary Drive, the pace car will be this restored tribute to the original which cross the country in 1994.

The Mustang is a one owner all-original 1995 GT with virtually all options available. It needs only minor cosmetic restorations such as new plastic trims and lenses on the exterior, new leather and carpet inside and the round about of brakes, struts and clutch mechancially. has recently joined the project and will be providing some of the items to get the Stang back to factory new condition as well as participate with the Mustangs Across America event later next year. More on this will be announced soon.

If you are a company who would like to participate in Project Rewind, contact Sam Haymart at