We started on our project car back in March, a 1995 Mustang GT in serious need of some visual restoration. As it will be a star attraction for the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive it had to show well.

Our transformation uses the American flag as the showcase theme, a fitting one we think to help celebrate the car which is now iconic to the spirit of freedom and fun. Across the hood, count them…there are exactly 50 stars – one for each state in the Union as well as each year of Mustang.

With red and white stripes, a star spangled blue face and accents of chrome and yellow, it has all the colors of the flag and Mustangs Across America logo. On each door that very logo appears with the words “Official Pace Car”.

To apply the wrapping film the emblems and trims of the 1995 Mustang were all removed just as if paint were being applied. This allowed for a professional looking result with a long term fit and finish to last long after the Mustang 50th Anniversary.

Along with the graphic transformation LateModelRestoration.com provided some new trims like a Ford OEM replacement cowl vent and driver side power mirror. We had to replace the rear window so we also installed new rubber trim there, replacing old rotted pieces.

Up front are brand new headlamps from LateModelRestoration.com. This was a project that only took about 30 minutes and goes along way to making the car look new again, ridding your car of those yellow faded lenses.

Because this is a pace car, bright LED strobe flashers have been added in the front grille as well as hidden away under the rear spoiler. These piercing LED’s will make sure you know the convoy is on the move and make it impossible to miss on the roadside.

The car will lead hundreds of Mustangs from all over the world across the USA next April on a seven day trek from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC where it will be on display at the Mustang Club of America’s Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration.