As the 2015 Mustang is rolling out across American magazine covers and dealerships this week, we’re reminded that this new pony is now a global horse.

This week a collaboration between artist Burton Morris and Ford called Mustang Unites offers up an art collection featuring the car’s globally recognizable pony badge painted in flags of the world.

The point of the collection is to celebrate Mustang’s global expansion to more than 120 countries. And kicking if off will be a series of hand painted and sculpted pony emblems with the colors of 10 countries.

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Each piece in the collection will feature the flag of one of 10 countries where Mustang will be sold starting the United States

Other flags to come include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and or course the United Kingdom.

At current you can buy one of three posters featuring the all the designs international, and two US Flag designs for a limited time at

Additionally you can also inquire about getting one of the hand sculpted ponies or even commissioning your own. I bet it costs a few more dollars than the poster. Count on it.