We talked last week of the new Cadillac flagship sedan to come next year, and this week America’s luxury brand hit us with two more headlines.

First, Cadillac announced they are breaking their design and brand marketing off from the GM headquarters in Detroit and moving to a fashionable loft style campus in New York City.

The feel good move is one to build a new culture and mindset at the brand, attract new talent, and really just sink their toes gleefully into the soft warm mud of the high fashion world. Probably a good move I think.

Cadillac followed this up by sharing the name of their new ultra luxury top of the line, rear-wheel drive, flagship to end all flagships would be……CT6.

CT6? Cadillac says it’s positioned above today’s CTS and XTS models and aims to join and I quote, “the elite group of top-class large luxury cars.”

The new name will be part of a new naming scheme at Cadillac where when older models get replaced and redesigned, their names will fall in line. So smaller models will be CT4, CT5, etc.

But for top-class isn’t 6 kind of average. I mean the biggest models from its would be competition have 7 and 8 in their names. Hell even Kia has nine.

You know what I’m sayin? Just sayin.