In our reality check segment this week we look at the new Dodge brothers ad campaign in which Dodge celebrates the life and imagery of the Dodge brothers with their new muscle cars.

The Dodge brothers ad campaign talks of the wild natured Dodge brothers who lived large in the early 1900’s, transforming their wild chromosomes to a legacy of which the new Hellcat muscle cars were born.

The backside of this wild life the Dodge brothers lived is often alleged by historians to have been their downfall. They were well known for their penchant for hard partying and saloon antics.

It was during prohibition when they attended the New York Auto Show and both contracted a terrible flu and pneumonia. Some historians claim it was a batch of bad home made liquor.

Either way, John Dodge died shortly there after at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York. Brother Horace survived that but died later that year due to cirrhosis of the liver.

But who am I to spoil a good party, motor on you bad Dodge boys!