Drives like a Dodge, looks like a Dodge and sounds like Dodge. That’s the tagline Stellantis used when the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept was unveiled, an all-electric lightning rod pointing to the future of the Dodge brand.

Looking more like a 1970’s Dodge Charger than anything yet, the modern interpretation of the legendary Daytona comes to us 100% electric with all-wheel-drive. Dodge tells us it’s performance, feel and sound will rival that of the current Hellcat-powered muscle of today.

It’s not hard to imagine with an 800V electrical system that its horsepower and torque could well exceed anything we’ve ever conceived of in a production car. The question becomes, will the muscle-car brotherhood truly appreciate it and buy in?

Many of us who have driven the most powerful electric cars available today are sold including myself, and I cut my teeth on big-block muscle cars from the 1960’s. All it takes are a few pedal mashing, back sinking 0-60 in 3 seconds moments of silent and explosive power to become indoctrinated.

Dodge is taking a few extra steps to help put the drama and chaos of the muscle-car experience into their proposal to help bring in those who truly have oil in their veins. We’re talking loud ass road with a chambered speaker system at the rear called Frantzonic that will belt out 126 dB of performance sound.

That sound will rise and fall with acceleration and power, the feel? Dodge tells us we will get the experience of shifting that’s missing from electric cars by way of an electro-mechanical transmission called eRupt. Now we got sound and feel to go with what will be explosive power.

The looks are backed up with retro style and form that speaks for itself. This thing looks bad ass, and that alone will go a long way to bringing over the Bubbas. You got the R-Wing up front that gives us both the upright front-end of the Charger with its mean aggressive mug yet also the aerodynamic nose and downforce of the Daytona. Slick.

Most telling of where Dodge has their head at is the return of the Fratzog logo. This old bird from 1962 to 1976 brings heritage with a new meaning, a logo that will identify all Dodge electric cars going forward.

New here is a hatchback functionality incorporated into the 50 year old silhouette, giving it modern day versatility with a massive cargo space. And that opens up to a modern day interior that while feeling very retro in its drama and details, is very much packed with today’s tech.

Rich trims and forms surround a 12.3-inch center infotainment screen and 16-inch instrument cluster screen. There’s a Head-up Display (HUD) too. It’s all wrapped with LED accent and back lighting to really put you in the mood to get all Frantzonic on the hood.

Make no mistake that this is a concept car and not a production car. But, make no mistake in thinking Dodge isn’t serious about bringing all of its gear head muscle-car tribe into the new world of electric cars. Will their recipe of muscle car sound, muscle-car looks, and muscle-car performance bring the Bubbas into the modern world? Time will tell.