The Ford Out Front display at this year’s Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas was flush with hands on exhibits.

None was as exciting as the proving ground track where auto celebrities like Vaughn Gittin Jr and others gave demo rides in their latest 2015 RTR Mustang.

Gittin in fact has been creating a lot. At the show he revealed his new 2015 Mustang RTR Spec I and II series production cars.

These tuned up Mustangs like those from Roush and Saleen, offer a package of visuals as well as mechanical upgrades to go fast. The 2015 RTR Mustang makes the second generation pony car he has put his hands on.

At SEMA Gittin also pulled cover on a wild eyed drift Mustang the RTR Spec V Concept. Likely pretty close to his next season’s drift Mustang, the Spec V takes it up a few more notches with fat fender flares and high-end racing mods under the hood, in suspension, brakes and of course them hot big green wheels.

Here at the show, he and his team gave demo rides in both cars in a drifting cloud of smoke all week long. It not only puts a smile on faces but shows how well these cars hold up under pressure. Enjoy!