For years we have been reporting on the big auto shows when it comes to new cars like the Detroit Auto Show next week, the LA Auto Show, Auto Show New York and so forth. But lately, the Consumer Electronics Show – CES, has become part of the mix.

The annual convention in Las Vegas is where all the gadget makers bring their latest new devices that will engage consumers in the coming year. We’re talking smart-phones, tablets, personal music devices and the like.

But in the last decade, car companies have all-but taken over the show and making it all about them. They bring their latest automotive infotainment systems debuts, their latest connectivity apps, and essentially use the show to make sure consumers know they are techies too.

While the show goers don’t seem to mind all the involvement of the car companies, it does say a lot about the focus they have been putting on infotainment and connectivity features in our cars.

Cars are fast turning into smart-phones on wheels, a trend which has been afoot now for about 10 years. Some automakers seemingly put more emphasis on Bluetooth, Pandora, Bing and Aha than they do handling and design.

Some car companies are head over heels into making sure we can surf and drive at the same time, tweet, post and like our friend’s latest joke about cats while we commute. Self-driving cars are the latest rage, so we can do all those other things instead of being inconvenienced by the car.

It’s a lament I know, but I really think I like my car companies to care more about the feeling I get from the car itself when I’m driving it, not how my iPhone gets along with it. The notion probably makes me a curmudgeon doesn’t it.