In our Reality Check, an announcement came down this week that the Los Angeles Police Department will be driving BMW. And I’m not talking about motor cycles.

BMW i has announced they’ll be loaning the Los Angeles Police Department a new BMW i3 electric vehicle for a year to test in various ways on the streets of their fine city.

Sporting the famous LAPD black and white livery, and outfitted with a bright LED light-bar, the BMW i3 cruiser will see some real world duty, but for the most part will be a PR toy sent to high profile public events.

So when you go to the LA Marathon, Cinco De Mayo at Olvera Street, or even the Los Angeles International Auto Show you’re likely to see the BMW i3 on site showing you how green and conscious the city really is.

And honestly, while it might seem almost laughable a $50,000 electric car with half the range a Ford Explorer cruiser would be practical, its tight turning circle and inexpensive fuel likely make it well suited for downtown duty.

The test program only lasts a year, and the costs of which are not at all on the hands of tax payers. So don’t worry the LAPD is squandering money. At least on on this.

Would it be bad of me to suggest this thing seems like the perfect vehicle for the meter maid? I mean it sure looks the part.