In our Reality Check, those crazy truck guys are at it again with huge cranes and circus acts to show us how tough the 2017 Ford Super Duty actually is.

Ford unveiled their new F-Series Super Duty pickups at the Texas State Fair this week.

The roll-out of their new aluminum bodied super tanker starts now and will tour the country over the coming year until they go on sale – which is about a year from now.

In the meantime they’re gonna be showing us how tough the new trucks are, and central to the story is the all-new frames which boast up to 95% high strength steel and are up to 24 times stiffer than before.

To illustrate this awesomeness, they put together this grandiose demonstration where they carefully string together an erector set of sorts, which suspends several Ford pickups in mid-air from a single Super Duty Frame.

There’s no doubt the spectacle was carefully engineered with cable saddles and bracing such that there’s no way the frame could fail the show.

But, while this really looks cool it really doesn’t prove a darn thing other than Ford has lots of money set aside to market this new truck.

Sorry to be a skeptic, but this is no different than a truck climbing cinder block mountains, pulling the space shuttle, or it’s competitors from being stuck in mud.

It’s all a dog and pony show to throw red meat to the masses.