At the New York Auto Show, Aston Martin is bringing what looks like a concept but is actually a track only super-car with over 800 horsepower.

The rather stunning Aston Martin Vulcan will be a highly exclusive production model for those privileged enough to acquire a less-than street legal track toy.

Thus its styling and construction can push design limits we can’t test for street cars. In such it gets wildy conceived air splitters front and rear, with no need for bumpers and pedestrian safety concerns.

The cockpit too is free of design constraints like airbags and budgetary concerns for mass production. Exposed roll-cage tubes stand along side leather racing seats and a Formula One style instrument display.

Under the hood is a front-mid mounted 800-plus horsepower 7.0-liter V12 engine which will drive exclusively the rear wheels.

This will likely make it hairy to drive, but don’t fear as Aston Martin will provide an intensive track driver training session with their race car drivers such as Darren Turner to make sure you know your way around its capabilities.

Each Vulcan will be available to custom order for an entirely bespoke model for colors, trims and options. Even it if is for track use only, it has to be nice doesn’t it?

The price was not announced as of our show today. But as the saying goes, if you have to ask you likely can’t afford it.