When I owned my Hummer H2 back in the day, that vehicle attracted more angry people than you can ever imagine. But it wasn’t just me, environmentalists of the era attacked them mercilously, even lighting them on fire at dealerships.

Which is why a new report about where most Hummer owners are is quite surprising. According to data from Spork Marketing and GMPartsCenter.net, the number one state where Hummer owners searching online for parts is California – the very nest of modern day environmentalism.

The report which cites online search data gathered between 2010 and 2014, shows there were more Californians searching for Hummer replacement parts than any other state, with Texas coming in at second place.

Florida came in third, New York fourth, and Pennsylvania fifth. Now this is obviously not as scientific as it might sound, as online part searches don’t equate to vehicle registration data which this report doesn’t cite.

That said, it’s still pretty illuminating that the great state of California would harbor so many Hummer owners given it’s likely the most combative environment let alone expensive in which to own and drive one.

Even in the relative red state of Arizona it was not uncommon to look in my rear view mirror when driving mine to see a seething angry Prius owner cutting in and out of traffic behind me to get close enough to flip me the bird. Just because.

So there! I will say that if GM had been smart enough to offer the DuraMax diesel engines in the Hummer H2, the brand might still be alive today. But what do I know.