Formerly known as the Audi e-tron, the 2024 Q8 e-tron is a refreshed version that with its new name allows the rest of the Audi lineup to also share in some e-tron glory. The flagship of the Audi EV SUV line Q8 gets improved performance, range and updated styling in the process of it all.

Being a flagship is high stakes though in a wold full of new upstarts like Rivian, Lucid, Tesla and the like. These are brands that have cut the cord on norms, have the flash and pomp of being the fashionable new brands. They have a lot of the oxygen for well heeled buyers looking for something fresh.

Audi Q8 e-tron offers an alternative of a traditional luxury Audi in its most Germanic way. It’s down to business, bolted together tight and serious in its demeanor. It looks like an Audi, smells like one and it drives like one. It just happens to be electric.

For 2024 its two electric motors combine to offer up to 402 horsepower when you use boost. The latter comes about when you set it to “S” at the drive selector. It basically summons full time the front motor for dedicated AWD, something that normally only happens when you need extra traction. The Q8 behaves as a rear-wheel driver most of the time otherwise.

Battery size increases to 114 kWh up from 95 of before. This promises a new EPA range of 285 miles which is a bit more competitive with many of its peers but still lacking substantially with some. Even Mercedes-Benz and BMW have come on line with some pretty heady choices across the way you know.

It’s chassis is bolstered to keep the weight of the battery in check with a five-link suspension up front and at the rear, an adaptive air suspension and huge four-wheel disc brakes. Given the Q8 e-tron weighs in at a heavier than real 5800 pounds, it needs all of this to keep it safe and driving “normal”.

And “normal” it drives. It feels just like any other Audi SUV you might have driven with its precise heavy steering feel, tamped down ride control and excellent chassis manners in town and on the back roads. It’s fun to drive fast but at some point it does remind you it weighs a lot regardless.

Audi says it will hit 60 mph in 5.4 seconds which feels about right. Power is smooth and it makes a pleasant sound as it sinks your back in to the seat – almost neck snapping.

The problem we came to was the fact that it’s a big heavy fast SUV that instead of guzzling gas, sucks the juice hard. In our week we bested a 230 mile range and about 2.4 mile per kWh efficiency. This was well back of its promised 285 mile range and 4.1 miles per kWh. This was even without AC on in mild weather. Compared to the Mercedes-Benz EQE and EQS we recently tested it’s behind the curve to be sure.

At least you will be comfortable in a traditional Audi cabin which is made of some of the best materials and trim palettes in the business. It’s a choice here. Audi offers up their own flavor, distinctly different from the rest. The Las Vegas glitz of some of its competitors is set aside for a briefcase-like feel.

In our final thought, the Q8 e-tron is definitely the choice for the Audi customer who already loves the brand and what it stands for but wants to ditch the gas for good.

Key Specifications:

As Tested Price: $91,590

Motor(s): Asynchronous Motor Fr/Rr
Horsepower: 402
Torque: 490
Drive Type: AWD
Battery: 114 kWh
EPA Range: 285 miles
EPA Economy: 4.1 mi / kWh
Observed Range: 230 miles
Observed Economy: 2.4 mi / kWh
0-60: 5.4 sec (mfr)

Front Suspension: 5-link Independent
Rear Suspension: 5-link Independent

Front Brakes: 15.7” Rotors
Rear Brakes: 13.8” Rotors

Wheels: 21”

Drag Coefficient: .29 Cd

Length: 193.5”
Width: 76.3”
Height: 65.6”
Wheelbase: 115.1”
Ground Clearance: 8.1”
Curb Weight: 5,798 lb
Towing Capacity: 4,000 lb