Seven custom 2016 Ford F-150 concept trucks are headed to the SEMA show this year.

The F-150 is always hot at the trade show, having won SEMA’s “Hottest Truck” Award more than any other.

This year MRT, known most for their Mustang work, built a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost pickup with a Tremec Magnum 6-Speed manual. Power is up with a larger intercooler and it gets full rage cage and seats inside.

The Leer Edition F-150 gets various power enhancers and off-road cred underneath. But its more about show with a bright paint job, an interior with premium custom leathers, and of course it gets a Leer bed topper.

Roush takes the term “performance truck” to a whole new level, supercharging a 5.0-liter V8 instead of pimping out an EcoBoost V6. Handling is improved with a full suspension and brake package. The question becomes will Roush sell a version of it without all the graffiti.

The CGS Performance Products F-150 gets huge 24-inch wheels and air suspension system giving lots of curb appeal. It’s tastefully done, letting those wheels do the talking. But you will hear it with a throaty exhaust and cold air intake on its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.

A lot of these trucks are built to showcase a company’s catalog. To wit, AIRDESIGN USA shows us their latest aftermarket items on their F-150. The bolt-on appearance pieces give a bolder look the company says can be installed in your own driveway.

Forgiato has become known not only for their wheels, but stunning builds. Their supercharged V8 F-150 has 24-inch wheels with off-road tires. Isn’t that nuts? The visual of the custom paint on the outside and six inch lift kit could make this one of the best of show.

Galpin Auto Sports always comes with something memorable, and their F-150 has wider fenders to go with its 20-inch wheels which are held down with a coil-over suspension. Lots of other stuff is here too, but most notable is its Gulf Livery paint job.

There will be more Ford F-150’s at the SEMA Show this year, but this is just a sneak peek at the ones Ford has had significant hand in.