The new 2017 Cadillac XT5 mid-size crossover SUV has now fully replaced the aged SRX, aimed at competitors like the Lexus RX, the Audi Q5 and Lincoln MKX just to name a few.

The new 2017 Cadillac XT5 the brand’s first application of the new naming scheme to an SUV. The XT meaning crossover or SUV and the 5 charting its place in the size range.

While it remains largely stanced like a front-wheel drive based crossover, its details and presentation are far more crisp and less bulky than the old SRX. It gets Cadillac’s newest facial features including the blade-like LED daytime running lights which mimic the visual signature of a 1970′s El Dorado from a distance. It’s retro in a modern sort of way. And from the front it’s actually dare we say, somewhat handsome.

The side flanks still look a lot like the SRX in silhouette, looking from a distance not a lot different from it in fact. At first glance, the rear view also looks similar. A closer look shows more refinement and a sharpness that make it entirely fresh. The tail lights are angled inward, it has nicely sculpted exhaust outlets, a skid-plate like trim element finishes it off nicely.

Though it is a bit larger than the crossover it replaces, it’s 278 pound lighter courtesy of a new lightweight construction technique in its body structure. It’s also lighter than competitors by a significant margin, the Mercedes GLE for instance by some 650 pounds.

All this tech talk misses the point though, as Cadillac XT5 is really about the style and luxury. Inside, the cabin is lined with the latest generation of design detail from the brand that I think works pretty nicely.

Genuine materials of wood, leather and aluminum all come together in a way that feels of craftsmanship. Generous use of cut and stitched materials for instance line the many surfaces you normally expect to be molded plastic. Best all there is choice with some five interior color schemes and your choice of woods or carbon fiber trims.

There’s also a higher level of technological feature content. Cadillac’s new rear view mirror camera system displays a real-time view on the mirror, as if the blind spots weren’t there – brilliant.

An improved version of the Cadillac Cue infotainment system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as menus and graphics redesigned to be easier to use and more intuitive.

Performance comes in our market from the latest generation 3.6 liter direct-injected V6 engine that now offers 310 horsepower. It can scale back to four-cylinder operation under light load to save fuel and offers you auto engine start/stop functionality.

It comes exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission and you can have the XT5 with both front-wheel drive and a new all-wheel drive system. The latter features a twin-clutch system that completely disconnects the rear axle most of the time for better fuel efficiency, but can seamlessly and quickly activate it when needed or when the selected drive mode warrants.

Pricing starts at $38,995 for the 2017 Cadillac XT5 and they’re available at dealerships now as are the remaining 2016 Cadillac SRX models. We will bring you a more detailed review when we get behind the wheel of the new XT5 very soon.