Mercedes-Benz at the New York Auto Show unveiled a lot of new models for the US, one of them being a fastback coupe version of their new mid-size crossover, the GLC Coupe.

Sharing all the same design and chassis dimensions of the new GLC luxury crossover, the GLC Coupe gets a fastly raked roofline more akin to a sports coupe. This of course makes no sense, as why would a crossover SUV be a sports coupe.

Sense is what this is about though, sexy style is what’s vogue is. And given the four-door coupe theme has worked well in both Mercedes-Benz and BMW showrooms on both sedans and crossovers, they’re going to keep coming our way.

I have to admit this one works for me stylistically and the larger the wheels on this thing the better. It will have a variety of sizes in the alloy rolling stock, from 19 up to 21-inches. I expect to see even larger ones at the DUB booth at SEMA this fall.

The GLC Coupe will be available in North America in two versions, the GLC300 and the Mercedes-AMG GLC43. Both will feature a 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

GLC300 models get a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder good for 241 horsepower while AMG GLC43 receives a 362 horsepower 3.0 liter V6 and an AMG sport tuned version of that nine-speed transmission.

While powertrains are identical to the GLC, the interior of the GLC Coupe is a bit more stylistic with unique touches here and there. A one-piece sweeping center console makes a dramatic statement that I really like.

You can have woods and warm hues of tan or cranberry among others. Conversely you can go for the interior sport package that makes it a but more racy and businesslike with flat bottom steering wheel and dark tones. And with the AMG GLC43, you can get the monster sports seats.

Driving the GLC Coupe will be a premium experience regardless of which model you choose as they all come standard with the Air Body Control off-road suspension system designed to give optimum handling for a variety of venues.

With five modes, it can manage off-road use, highway driving, and aggressive windy roads. A Sport+ mode stiffens and lowers the suspension a half inch for more spirited driving on the back roads which honestly will be more likely than off-road excursions.

The Coupe also has a quicker steering ratio than the standard GLC, which is 15.1 instead of 16.1 which itself is pretty quick. So the takeaway here is that the Coupe isn’t just a different roofline, you do get a number of other perks for what’s expected to be a pretty big step up in pricing.

And pricing we’ll have to wait for. Both the GLC300 and AMG GLC43 Coupe don’t actually go on sale until early next year, giving the standard GLC some time to get its feet wet in the marketplace first.