If you’re a Nissan fan or an owner you’ll want to see the Vmotion 2.0 Concept that was shown at the Detroit Auto Show as it tells a lot about the design and technology coming to future Nissan cars.

Nissan says their Vmotion 2.0 Concept signals the next evolution of their “V-Motion” design themes used across their entire line of cars from the Versa all the way up to the Maxima in addition to crossover SUVs.

The concept also foretells Nissan’s rapid design and engineering intent for autonomous driving capabilities that are fast coming at us. Designed around what Nissan calls”Intelligent Mobility”, the car is a stop on their road map to zero emissions and zero fatalities.

Since we can’t see autonomous driving here, lets talk style. What I like the most about this car is how sharp it is. The creases and edges completely lose the rounded bulges and oddly conceived swoops seen in many contemporary Nissan designs.

The latest iteration of the V-Motion grille is yet bolder, deeper to the ground and has more three-dimensional form. It’s such a bold statement I’d compare it to some of the modern Cadillac designs. It’s of course joined by sharp edged LED headlamps.

Spanning from the front to the rear is a tightly pulled character line that defines the lower and upper halves of the car visually. It ties into both the front and rear fascias gracefully however and helps to accentuate its width.

A carbon fiber trim piece with silver inlay spans the A-pillar all along the roofline and down into the trunk line at the rear pillars. Another take on the floating roof design is far more complex than it looks at first sight, transitioning into intricate recesses above the rear deck lid.

At the rear, the Nissan boomerang tail lights take on a more angry form which is a good thing here. And notice the fin like extensions at their edges. Now this could never make it to production for many reasons, but it looks downright hot. And that glow in the rear diffuser is your indicator the car is driving in autonomous “ProPILOT” mode. There we’ve discussed its autonomous driving features.

The interior is like most concept cars, built and handcrafted to a budge of well into the six-figure price range. Expensive woods flow like ribbon, quilted leather seats seem to float in mid-air, and every other surface is a brightly lit display screen rivaling the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

It’s beautiful though, showing that Nissan’s designers do have some talent in putting together artful forms and arranging them with some handsome materials. And if you’ve sat in a Nissan Murano lately, you know they can make it work for production cars.

Of note is the steering wheel, cut down and turned into something more of a game controller, a nod toward its autonomous driving nature where you can sit back and play video games, scan your Facebook wall, and tune out from the road. The future is bright indeed.

The Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Concept is less a hint at a future model as it is showing us what the next-generation of cars and crossovers are going to start looking like. So don’t look for this car at your local dealer just yet.