Having just unveiled the new midsize 2018 Q5 late last year in Los Angeles, a high-performance Audi SQ5 was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show with bigger wheels, stiffer suspension and yes, a lot more horsepower.

Breathing a lot of life and soul into the new 2018 Audi SQ5 is a 354 horsepower turbocharged all-aluminum 3.0-liter V6. With direct-injection and Quattro all-wheel drive, 0-60 comes in as little as 5.4 seconds Audi tells us.

The engine itself is a technical tour-de-force with the twin-scroll turbocharger mounted on top of the 90-degree V6 between in cylinder banks. This shortens exhaust flow for faster turbo spool up and better thermal efficiency.

Power goes to all four-wheels through a quick shifting eight-speed automatic transmission with close ratios on the low end and taller more widespread ratios at the top. This gives better and more responsive acceleration while providing the overdrive ratios at speed for better efficiency.

And as in most Audi quattro vehicles power split leans toward the rear axle, heightening the high performance handling feel. An optional sport rear differential can further enhance torque delivery to the outside wheel for better cornering behavior.

The SQ5 features a complex five-link suspension both at the front and rear controlled by adjustable dampers, continuously on the make for the best settings. You can of course dial your own ride and drive characteristics manually with the drive mode selector.

Tires on the SQ5 are 255/45/20, mounted to some very nicely designed aluminum wheels, and you can option larger 21-inch rollers – five designs in fact. Through them you can see its large 13.8” front disc brakes shown here with the optional red calipers.

Inside, the SQ5 brings all the Audi goodness when it comes to cabin trims. Rich leather seating and trims are matched with carbon fiber across the dash and other ancillary surfaces for a nice place to do the business of driving.

The Audi virtual cockpit display is standard equipment here, with its high definition display customizable for any number of information sets. And it’s also fun to watch when you’re simply running to through the gears.

Its enhanced visual are mostly obvious but I’ll point them out. The front fascia is deeper and more contoured and you get unique grille trim that allows for more air to cool what’s going on under the hood.

LED lighting is standard fare front and at the rear, where you’ll find a unique rear bumper designed to house the SQ5s larger twin exhaust tailpipes and give the thing the meaner look it deserves.

Built in an all-new factory in Mexico, the new 2018 Audi SQ5 will first be available in Germany later this year with time of availability in North America yet unannounced.