For 2020, the Ford F-Series Super Duty truck got some significant updates including fresh styling, driver assistance features and a healthy dose of power.

To with, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine got a significant output bump to an astounding 475 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque. Adding to this is the arrival of a 10-speed automatic transmission to spread that power out more evenly across the driving range.

Styling changes include a new face with enhanced LED lighting, new grilles, and a new bumper design for increased cooling. The rear tailgate gets a fresh look with SUPER DUTY stamped into the metal.

Inside you will see some new gadgets including the knob for the same pro trailer backup assistant found in the F-150. The system allows you to steer your trailer in reverse using the knob and rear view camera for a more intuitive experience for those not practiced in trailer backing.

Also from the F-150 are a myriad of semi-autonomous safety and driver aids including adaptive cruise control, forward emergency braking, automatic high-beams and lave departure assist.

Our 2020 Ford F-350 King Ranch test vehicle was near fully loaded with a sticker price of $81,870. You can still spend a might bit more but we’re close to the opt here. This brings with it many lap of luxury features inside and out.

In our week with the truck we achieved 16 mpg which is similar to our experience in past Super Dity diesel tests. Power was impressive though the 10-speed transmission was on the hunt a lot around town.

Suspension on our tester was stiff as expected, but a lot more harsh our back road washboard drives. These are road people want to haul their horses down and a bit more compliance might be helpful.

Overall, the F-Series Super Duty continues to be the class leader in sales, though competition from RAM and GM have been fully redesigned since it arrived in the showroom.