In testing the 2021 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 our expectations for power and performance were met with a vehicle that delivers with enthusiasm.

While the two-door luxury sport coupe segment has grown so much smaller, it hasn’t stopped Infiniti from bringing their best in terms of style and power.

Styling itself is very artistic and well executed in form. It looks the part of a premium art object as it sits. 20-inch wheels give it a planted look that pops no matter which ¾ view you choose. Ours had the carbon fiber trim which only bolstered its performance image.

Under the hood of our tester was the top-powered variation of the VR 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 engine at 400 horsepower. Mated to a 7-speed automatic, our tester was also optioned with all-wheel drive.

While we didn’t much see the need for all-wheel drive here, it did deliver rip-snorting acceleration without so much as a tire chirp. Suspension entirely adjustable and automatic tied to drive mode gave a solid underpinning and driving character to go with its speed and power.

Behind the wheel the exhaust note is raspy, the cockpit sporting in its theme. Carbon fiber trim and leather seats that hold you tight are the high points.

What lacks is the design which while someone fresh from the company is dated in its form and its bones. The practicality, ergonomics and controls seemed something like 10-15 years ago compared to something like a Lexus RC coupe.

Priced at $67,175 all in with its options we did find it a bit lacking in terms of competitiveness especially when you consider for about the same price you can buy the V8 powered Lexus RC-F, a vehicle that trumps the Q60 in many areas not to mention performance.

In the end, this is a boutique car that is built and sold in low volumes. You don’t but it because you scored it on a spreadsheet with its competitors, you buy it because it speaks to you. In that way, the Infiniti Q60 has its own song.