I buy cars too. With all the energy and excitement about the new compact crossover pickup truck segment about to roll upon us, I have been watching carefully. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz was unveiled first, the the 2022 Ford Maverick.

Each one of them offers up something enough different from the other to really get my interest for my next vehicle. The Ford is more conservative in its style and scope. The Hyundai is decidedly sportier and offers more of almost everything from styling to capability.

In the end Ford’s offering of a starting price of $19,995 for the entry level Maverick XL standard with a hybrid powertrain that can achieve up to 40 mpg was the trigger to choose it.

I admit I have a fetish for work trucks, plain and unfettered with jewels and trinkets. The Maverick XL is exactly that with its basic cloth interior, steel wheels, and simple forms. Hyundai had my eye for styling and pizazz but a bare bones model isn’t in their deck of cards.

A journalist at heart wanting a story to tell, I have placed my early reservation and order which will theoretically deliver my new Area 51 colored 2022 Ford Maverick XL sometime this fall to a local dealership near me.

I chose the base model XL Hybrid because I like plain ones and with the hybrid powertrain should make for a very thrifty vehicle with its pricing.

My intent is to bring viewers and readers a full account of the buying and ordering process from now through when the truck arrives. There will be videos on the truck itself as very few press cars are ever base models. I know many want to see and hear about how one lives.

There will also be deep dive informal stories and accessories to talk about too. I’m excited to bring our first project vehicle to live for TestDrivenTV and this one is a great place to start. It goes without saying, this one is already on the “Id Buy It” list.