This month the Ford Accessories website for the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick went live and most of them are now available to order. While I’m still waiting for my ordered Maverick to arrive, it’s been fun to check these things out and begin forming a list things I might want for my own truck.

Obviously, within months there will be many more options to mod and accessorize the Maverick from literally hundreds of aftermarket brands – some of which will be a lot better than some of these and some much more affordable.

Like all dealership accessory collections, there are the standard palette of junk science you can get at any local auto parts store or even WalMart, but there are a number of vehicle specific styling and practical items that are designed and developed along with Ford from the outset – actually made by them or a partner supplier.

Many of these items you can select on the Ford build website and order with your truck at the beginning of your process. Most everything on the accessory website is dealer installed, though some may be shipped from the factory at build.

A major benefit for many to purchase these either from your initial order or at the time of delivery of your Maverick is that you can build those into your purchase price and finance them with your truck. You also of course order online separately at any time before or after your purchase to install yourself or have the dealer do it for you.

So all that public service announcement out of the way, here are some of the available items that caught my attention and some that I am considering for my own Maverick.

First up are the Touchlink bed lights at $199.00. Because I ordered a base XL model without all the extra cargo bed goodies, this pair of LED lamps looks pretty attractive. They are touch sensitive, lighting up both when you touch one, and touch to turn off. They are hard wired using existing wiring and as such they recommend dealer installation but you can DIY. At $200 bucks they seem kind of spendy though.

A definite item I’m getting are the all-weather rubber tray style floor liners at $175.00. This is a good deal in my opinion. I really like the Weathertech brand but dont much appreciate their huge brand logos all over their products. At least here they simply say Maverick on them and they mount up to the factory floor pins well. Two versions are available for both the EcoBoost and Hybrid models, as the latter has a different shaped rear floorboard.

The Trailer Hitch Receiver at $295.00 is something of interest. It’s worth noting if you option it in your factory build it is only $100.00 and lists a 4-pin connector with it. This one appears to to be the same or equal construction with a black powder coat finish and mounts with factory bolt holes but mentions nothing about a connector and installation is likely extra if you have the dealership do it.

The Bed Extender at $369.00 will be popular for a lot of folks as the cargo box is only 4.5-feet long. I show it here only to make mention of the fact that you can use this with any of the bed-liners or tonneau covers available including the drop-in style. The Ford build website won’t let you combine the bed extender with some of these on a factory order but they can be used together.

Plenty of styling options exist from spoilers for both the cab and the tail gate, along with side moldings and even a fake hood scoop. Getting my attention in a more practical sense are some of the fender flares.

Two options are available starting with the big fat Bushwacker flares at $499.00. We’ve all seen these which are great if you plan on a massive tire and wheel size increase. They have a bolted-on look but require no drilling for installation. They add 1.5-inches on each side for wider tires but I will say that nothing looks dorkier than a truck with these huge fender flares and stock size tires and wheels. Don’t be that guy.

That brings us to option number two, the fender flares by supplier Air Design at $669.00 These appear more like the stock plastic wheel-lip moldings you see on most SUV’s today which are missing from the stock Maverick. They add about a half-inch on each side, and install with 3M double-sided tape. I plan at some point a plus one or two tire size upgrade and these have my attention but I may wait for what other manufactures offer up as at nearly $700 for thin black plastic I’m not yet entirely sold on them.

A definite purchase for my own trick is the Tailgate Assist for $50.00. Since the Maverick doesn’t come with a soft-open tailgate like most trucks, I like this little gas strut solution that lets it down easy for a soft landing. Website says dealer installation is recommended by DIY well doable. I think for $50,00 this is a winner and also helps make the talkgate a little less easy for someone to walk off with if you forget to lock it.

Toppers are huge out there and right out of the gate Ford is offering their own logo fiberglass Bed Cap by SnugTop in all of the factory colors. This is a good candidate for financing it into your purchase as it’s a healthy $3,449.00. If you have a work truck in mind, they also offer a commercial version SnugTop without glass and service doors for $3,029.00.

There isn’t a lot of information on the site yet for specifications bit it appears that neither version of the topper features any kind of structural provisions for roof mounted accessories. If that’s something you’re into which I might be, this is an area where other aftermarket brands are likely to offer many other options in the future. Going to be watching that.

When it comes to tonneau covers there are several different variations available on the Ford Accessories website, all made by outside vendors and vary in price from $369 up to the $1,200 range.

Least expensive is the Soft Folding Tonneau cover by Advantage at $369.00 It rolls down over your rails and provides cover but doesn’t have as much robust structural support like others.

The one I actually checked out in person at the dealership training session last month is the Soft Folding Tonneau by Advantage at $559.00. I thought it was a nice solution with hard holding latches and strong cross bows.

The top option on the Ford website is the Hard Roll Up Tonneau by Rev at $1,159.00 It’s the strongest of the bunch with a lot of metal cross bars and it features mounting channels that allow for a clean no-profile look. When rolled up, the Ford oval shows – slick. At nearly $1200.00 though it seems a bit spendy.

In the end, I’m still not settled on a bed cover scenario yet. The vinyl made tonneau covers give me pause living here in Arizona as the sun eats everything but metal pretty quickly. If any of you out there have experience with these in the south-west please chime in the comments and let me know your experience.

When it comes to racks and cross-bars I’m looking hard at something because I want to be able to have a mounted tent of some kind and also be able to have my mountain bikes or some kayaks along for the ride. In this arena there are several aftermarket brands with dozens if not hundreds of choices but here are some of what Ford is offering up as of right now.

Ford is offering a Yakima Removable Roof Rack and Crossbar System at $699.00. This looks like a great solution for most things that doesn’t affect your use of the cargo box but I’m not impressed with the over the roof mounting locks that can wear at your paint. That this doesn’t lock into dedicated roof rails I think is a design disappointment.

Bed racks are aplenty from mainstream manufacturers like Thule and Yakima and several others. Here Ford offers a variety of options from Yakima in the way of bed racks and cross-bars along with their many options and solutions to fit the items you plan of taking with your. It’s all pricey and I don’t yet see they are offering a full selection just yet.

One the considerations I’m struggling with is wanting a bed rack system that can support a nice hard shell tent like something from Roofnest or AutoHome yet allow for use of a tonneau cover. At the moment there’s not a lot out there showing ready for Maverick. In time however I suspect that companies like Leightner designs, Rough Country as well as the mainstreams may have some options though I expect very expensive.

I plan to attend the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November where I expect a lot of these aftermarket companies will be showing off their first examples of these types of products and many other things for the new 2022 Ford Maverick. Stay tuned for more, a lot more on available accessories.