The Air Design Ford Maverick show truck is a rolling catalog of parts from the aftermarket supplier that were developed along with Ford to offer through Ford Dealerships as official accessories. There are also a number of custom touches that make it more than a catalog special.

Most visibly are the addition of a number of key components from Air Design, all of which were painted gloss black along with the roof of both the Maverick Lariat and its Ford branded SnugTop shell. The gloss black custom paint work also extends to the grille and the lower body cladding front to rear for a complete customized look.

Components from Air Design include a hood scoop which looks a lot more substantial than photos online lead me to believe. The custom paint treatment on the hood is a nice look too that ties the whole thing in and makes it look less pasted on.
Also added were the wheel arch flares which I have had my eyes on for my own Maverick.

You can see how they fit well and integrate with the look almost as if they were factory pieces. They attach to the inner fender lip with fasteners, so not a 100% stick-on item.

On this truck they frame the upgraded 18-inch Raceline 401B Aero wheels and 31-inch Toyo Open Country A/T tires in size 265/65R18 quite well. In such all of it balances out the look nicely with a Belltech 1.5-inch leveling kit.

Down the side, the Air Design door moldings have been added, but here they actually painted these body color so they are not as prominent in the look as the other trim pieces. Nice and clean.

At the rear is another piece from Air Design, the tailgate applique here painted in gloss black. I note this only because these products come in a basic black satin finish out of the box.

Down below is something I think a lot of people might be interested in, a custom cat-back exhaust system by Borla. Available soon, this exhaust system for the 2.0-liter EcoBoost Maverick has dual exhaust tips that come out below the bumper for a nice performance look and an upgraded sound too. On this system the tips are gloss black.

Most prominent at the rear of the truck is the SnugTop rear bed topper which is offered through Ford Accessories with their own oval logo on it in all of the factory colors the Maverick is offered in. It seems to fit well with flush glass on both sides and looks like it was penned by Ford itself.

The interior of the topper on this show truck was lined with a custom molded carpeting that I was not able to confirm with Ford whether or not it’s was included with the topper or not. If so, what a bonus. If not, we want to know where you can get it.

You can see that the hardware that attaches the topper and the actual door and window hardware appears to be of a good quality level all around. The rear glass itself is an OEM quality piece that looks more factory than most.