Our top 10 picks for cool features available on the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands with Sasquatch package – Interior, Exterior and Powertrain.

Dash Accessory Mount

Found on our Bronco Badlands is a universal accessory mount post on the dash along with a USB power port that opens a world of available uses from dash cams, to phone mounts, to radar detectors or multiples of them all. There are already a number of aftermarket items you can expand this with, which is exactly the point. No more wires hanging over your dash.

Accessory Switches

The available accessory switchbank at the top of the windshield allows you to connect up to six accessories with LED backlit switches. They only operate when the ignition is on. Each of the six circuits is already fused at the main distribution box and leads to connect items up can be found in several locations around the vehicle including the interior at the visor and at the rear, under the hood at the cowl and at the front of the engine bay.

Rubber Hose Out Floor

On the Badlands trim is something a lot of people have been asking for as long as I have been alive – a rubber floor with hose-out capability. No carpeting here, the rubber floor is heavy duty and features an easily removable drain plug at all four seating locations front and rear for easy hosing out. The tradeoff? A little more road noise.

Removable Top & Sections

All Broncos with two or four doors, soft or hard tops feature some form of removable or retractable roof. On our Badlands four-door is are easily removable roof sections at the front and at the rear seating rows that can be stowed away on the go in provided slip covers. The remainder of the hard top can also be removed, though with a bit more effort of removing bolts, getting and extra hand and finding a good place to store it safely.

Removable Doors

Like the Jeep Wrangler, the doors are removable front and rear. With a provided toolkit, you can pull the doors free in a matter of minutes by removing two bolts that hold them in place. The connector for their powered accessories is designed to disconnect easily and comes with a water-proof door to keep the electricals dry when off-roading. Like with the top panels the Bronco comes with storage bags for the doors which can be stowed in the back.

Modular Front Bumper

Available on Bronco is a modular steel front bumper than allows for various sections to be removed or replaced. This makes it easier to install certain kinds of accessories like a winch for example, or you can pull the ends off for better tire access to crawling over rocks.

Removable Fender Flares

For the heavy duty off-roader who likes to strip their vehicle down or the modder who just wants them off, the plastic fender flares are fully removable on the fly. It takes only a few minutes by twisting lock pins and can be reinstalled just as fast.

Front Fender Tie Downs

On the front fenders are some pretty notable plastic structures popping up from the sheetmetal that look a lot like gun sights. These can indeed be used by the driver to give you a good approximation of your corners when off-roading. Their main use however is as a tie-down to use for a variety of things from roof-mounted items like a canoe or kayaks. You can even use them for guy wires to the roof-line to keep branches from hitting your windshield. They are load rated at 150 pounds.

Disconnecting Front Sway Bar

Starting on the Badlands trim, the disconnecting swaybar is your best friend for off-roading. It allows the best of both worlds – good roll control on the street and highway but can be disconnected when off-road to allow for maximum twist and articulation when rock crawling, traversing moguls or just getting in spaces where you need a lot more flexibility in your suspension. It can be used at speeds up to 20 mph at which point it will automatically re-engage.

Front and Rear Locking Differentials

The front and rear locking differentials are a best practice for times when one of your wheels left or right has little or no traction and you need to lock up to get power where you need it. A lot of vehicles feature software that can mimic a true locker by applying the brakes to the other wheel, but nothing beats the real deal.

Both the front and rear lockers can be applied independently as needed. Some of the drive modes will summon them automatically and you can also set them manually. There are a lot of stipulations around their use regarding how and when, and when not to but they fact they are available is huge if you really like to get your toes in the mud.