The 2021-2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee L feature a standard 3.6-liter DOHC Pentastar V6 which has been a staple of Chrysler and Stelantis corporate products for some time. The latest generation of this engine as equipped in the Grand Cherokee has 293 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque and is mated here to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The 60-degree aluminum block V6 engine has four chain-driven cams with variable cam timing and four valves per cylinder. It has a relatively high 11.3:1 compression ratio afforded by its variable cam timing and a cooled EGR system. Unlike most contemporary engines it still features port fuel-injection instead of direct injectors.

Following the airflow, the intake charge starts at the top of the radiator and comes in through a large plastic intake snorkel into the air filter box located at the front driver side of the engine compartment. From there it travels through a tube and through a single bore drive-by-wire throttle body and into a composite plastic intake manifold.

From there the combustion process takes place and the exhaust then exits on the lower side of each Vee bank and directly into the catalyst system. Much of the heads and top of the valve covers are difficult to see in this tight packaging. On the driver side you can partially see the spark plug coil packs but the passenger side is entirely covered by the intake system. Changing plugs on this engine will be a day job at minimum and require the removal of much of the top components.

Because the engine compartment on the Jeep Grand Cherokee it is pretty tightly packed routine maintenance will take some patience but most of the fluids and common items are in easy reach.

Windshield washer fluid is located at the top of the fender lining at the passenger side noted by a bright yellow cap. The 12V battery is also located at the passenger side near the shock tower. Next to it is the main engine coolant reservoir and just to the rear of it near the firewall is the engine oil dipstick with its bright yellow handle.

The engine oil filler cap can be found on the drive side of the engine at the top and while it is buried down in there, the engine oil filter is located at the top of the engine for a much easier access and replacement than when it’s underneath. Nice.

The brake fluid reservoir can be found up at the driver side near the base of the windshield under a plastic cover which can be easily accessed. It’s just a little hidden.

Replacing the air filter can be done at the front driver side of the engine bay though you will need some common tools to open it up as they weren’t kind enough to just give it some pop clips like most air filter boxes.

Notable items to point out on our fully loaded Grand Cherokee L are the lines attached to the top of the cast aluminum shock towers at each side of the engine bay as ours is equipped with the adjustable suspension. In addition to the cast aluminum shock towers, the Grand Cherokee uses a lot of extruded aluminum in its structure including the framing top and bottom for the radiator support, something in the past we only used to see on higher end vehicles.

Lastly, the electric radiator cooling fan is located at the front of the engine bay, keep hands clear even if the engine is turned off.