We knew or at least hoped that the BMW EV lineup would eventually meet up with the performance of the BMW M brand. And here it is, the 2023 BMW iX M60 which is as they tell us the best of three worlds; BMW i, the BMW X models and BMW M.

This week BMW unveiled the most powerful variant of the iX yet, here with a total system output of 610 horsepower and 811 pound-feet torque. The extra power and an M-enhanced adaptive air suspension all come together with unique style and trim to make it a formidable luxury high-performance crossover in a growing market.

It says high performance in a surprisingly clean and understated way yet features a number of unique styling touches that set it apart from the run of the mill iX – as if you could call it that. Unique fascias are more deeply aggressive and black M badging is standard fare.

Through its unique and optional 22-inch wheels shown here are massive brakes with distinctive blue calipers with the M logos. Shown here also is the optional rubber at 275 width, standard size is a 255 section.

Comprised of an aluminum spaceframe and carbon cage with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof panel along with mixed materials for the rest of the body panels, BMW says the chunky looking iX M60 achieves a drag coefficient of just 0.26.

Inside is a top-line level of standard equipment including the BMW Live Cockpit Professional and BMW Natural Interaction, a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, BMW Laser Light, Comfort Access, Active Seat Ventilation, and the Radiant Heating Package.

But we’re here to talk about performance. BMW says that in sport mode with launch control engaged, the iX M60 can hit 0-60 in a flat footed 3.6-seconds. They describe its acceleration as constant from zero to its computer limited 155 mph top speed. Woosh.

It features two powerful motors the front at 255 horsepower and the rear at 483. Both of them rather than being permanent magnet motors like many feature a current-energized synchronous machine design.

This means that rotation of the rotor is caused by precisely metered supply of electrical energy around its circumference. BMW says this design format allows them to take a pass on the rare earth metals and tune the motors for a much higher power density for their size and weight.

Delivering the power to the ground is a BMW M tuned air suspension with double-wishbones at the front and a five-link setup at the rear. Making the air suspension unique is that the air supply to each wheel is independently regulated on the fly to account for variable loads.

Dampers are fully adaptive with continuously adjustable valves, which can adjust to longitudinal and lateral acceleration, road speed and steering angle as well as body and wheel motions in concert with the air springs.

Arriving in spring of 2022, the new BMW iX M60 starts at $105,100. Options pricing, well if you have to ask. If you want one you should probably get in touch with your BMW sooner rather than later.