The new Ford Maverick pickup trucks have been out for a year now and that means lots of new accessories available. We have tried out many of them for our own long term test truck and now offer up our Top 10 list of Maverick gift ideas starting under $20.

1. MAVERICK Tailgate Lettering – $18-45

A very popular customization for the new Ford Maverick has been the vast variety of available self adhesive tail gate lettering available. They can be found online ranging from about $18-45 on popular outlets like Ebay, Amazon and others in limitless colors and styles.

There are soft vinyl sticker style lettering we installed on ours for about $20 which is the least expensive to hard plastic and even metal lettering in several colors and finishes like chrome or carbon fiber. It’s almost limitless. These can typically be installed in less than an hour with no tools.

2. Center Console Organizer by Muslogy $23

One of the coolest new items we tried on our own Ford Maverick is the Double Layer Center Console Tray Organizer set from Muslogy which can be found online at Amazon. For $23 you get a well made OEM quality and designed set of stacking trays that fit neatly under the console lid door to store all of your small items like keys, cars, change, lip balm, lighters – whatever.

They are offered in a variety of color combinations with soft rubber bottom inserts that stop your stuff from rattling. The cool part is they are available in color combinations that compliment the accent colors in your Ford Maverick like orange, grey or black. They install in about 10 seconds.

3. Rear Seat Pet Liner – $35-80

If you have pets that ride with you on the daily or maybe you are using your Ford Maverick for work and need to have items on your back set all the time, I have found my soft padded pet liner to be an invaluable accessory.

Ranging in price from about $35 -80 depending on where and who you buy it from, they are a universal SUV fit and hang in place around the head rests. It has a rubber weather proof lining on the bottom to protect against stains and it’s rugged enough for even the biggest of dogs. It comes out for cleaning easy too. We paid about $35 for our Pet Liner on Amazon from a no-name brand, and have been very happy with its quality. There are several out there from no-name and well-known brands.

4. Tailgate Assist Damper – $35-50

Available from Ford Accessories by DeeZee, the hydraulic strut tailgate damper is one of the most popular modifications by Maverick owners as it does not come standard with a soft-open tailgate like most trucks.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to install and has an OEM quality to to. Once in place, it provides a nice controlled movement to the tailgate. The tailgate assist strut kit costs about $50 at the official Ford Accessories website but can be found cheaper online at other outlets, and there are knock-off brands available now at places like Amazon and Ebay.

5. SXM Radio Tuner $60-150

Unless you get the top trim grade Maverick with the optional audio system, there is no Satellite Radio available. It’s an easy fix though with a Sirius XM Satellite Radio Tuner available at various online outlets that can be installed semi-permanently in about an hour or two.

These range in price from as little as $60 for a basic tuner to about $150 for a full featured one. We installed the Roady BT Bluetooth version for about $100 and are happy with its performance though we would connect one via FM if we did it over again – which all kits can do. In any case, these tuners are the most reliable way to listen to XM Satellite radio in the trucks, better than streaming from a phone any day of the week.

6. All Weather Tray Floor Mats $120-200

Another majorly popular accessory especially in winter are the rubber all-weather tray style floor mats available from Ford Accessories with MAVERICK lettering. We have these on our own long term test Maverick and were impressed with their OEM quality and fit to protect the carpet from wear and tear as well as the wet soggy slog of winter driving.

The Ford Accessories tray style mats cost about $180 but there are now a variety of other brands to market you can find online that range from no-name brands on Amazon for about $120 to top brands like Weathertech for about $200. Whatever you choose, remember to specify whether yours is a Hybrid model or EcoBoost, they fit differently and it matters.

7. Soft Folding Tonneau Cover $200-500

Tonneau covers are a great way to offer weather protection and fuel saving aerodynamics to your Maverick cargo box, not to mention an upgraded sense of sleek style. The choices out there are now almost limitless a year since the truck arrived. For the more affordable soft tonneau covers, the folding type offers better structure than roll ups and these range from about $200-500 depending on brand.

We tried the name brand Extang Trifecta E-Series soft folding cover for about $300 and found its quality and fit to be good. It installs with clamps, no tools required. It can fold forward for access to cargo bay and can easily be removed to haul large tall items. The only downsize to the soft cover is that regardless of brand and model, they do buffet a little in the wind at high speeds.

8. Ford Accessories Drop-In Bed Liner $415

While aftermarket brands are just now coming to market, the gold standard drop-in bed liner for the Ford Maverick is the branded modular bed liner from Ford Accessories. A premium product at $415 it can be installed in a couple of hours with only a few tools necessary. It’s compatible with most tonneau covers and rack accessories, so few worries there.

It’s comprised of five hard plastic pieces that all fit together with an OEM fit and appearance with the Ford logo at the front, offering a durable finish to protect the bed against dents and scrapes from large heavy items. It’s made by Penda who is known for their line of Duraliner bed liners, but currently only available through Ford Accessories.

9. Hard Folding Tonneau Cover $450-1000

For those wanting a more resilient and higher security option, a hard folding tonneau cover is a better option than a soft vinyl one. Available from a variety of brands ranging from $450-1000 there are many to choose from from bargain models to higher end brand name units with more features and flush fit.

We tried the Oedro tri-fold aluminum cover which can hold up to 300 pounds and is available on Amazon. The quality is good and it fits with a good weather tight seal. Installation takes about 10-15 minutes with no modifications to the truck. Like most hard covers, it can be be folded forward and locked into position or removed all together for hauling larger items.

10. Keko Sports Bar $629

Newest on the market is the new Keko Sports Bar for the Ford Maverick which brings a black steel tubular bar styling element. It retails for $629 on the Keko Automotive website and installs in about an hour with common tools using pre-threaded bolt holes already present in the Maverick cargo box.

While it’s not a roll-bar in the roll-over safety sense, it provides a place for mounting off-road lights or other accessories and is compatible with both a soft roll-up and hard retractable tonneau cover also offered by Keko. We just recently installed on on our long-term test Ford Maverick and were very impressed with its OEM quality, fit and ease of installation.

We have tried all of the items discussed here on our own truck and have full installation and overview of each one on our Maverick Playlist with tips, tricks and product review.