At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, RAM unveiled a concept vehicle that gives us all some good answers as to where they are going with their new full sized EV pickup trucks, the RAM 1500 Revolution. To compete with the F-150 Lightning and the GM trio of EV trucks, it appears that RAM will continue carve its own unique path – or thread the needle depending on how you look at it.

To be clear, the RAM 1500 Revolution is a concept vehicle which means its rich with pie-in-the-sky design elements and futuristic flourishes to wow the show crowd and scant on specifications and details. What RAM has revealed though is quite important to know as they ready a production model for 2024.

As such, it has a muscular and stunning design and stance that really looks the part of a bad-ass truck and not so much an EV science experiment. RAM tells us its “tuning fork” design elements both on the exterior and the interior serve as an indicator of design language for all RAM trucks to come.

Like the Ford Lightning, the RAM 1500 Revolution shows us a “frunk” that’s perfect for all those tail-gating parties. But this one has an extra added bonus, and opening to the flat floor of the cab. Why? Because at the rear of the cab is a power mid-gade that when all are open, allows the truck to accommodate long items up to 18-feet in length.

And since we’re talking about that mid-gate, there are also a set of third-row jump seats that can fold down for a few extra place settings in a pinch since the cab is one of the largest of any RAM yet.

Other interior features of the concept are the expected vast array of technologies and digital information screens that can do just about everything short of being a NASA Houston Control – though likely has more computing power than they did for the Apollo missions in the 1960’s. Suffice it to say it can do it all and looks the part of a concept vehicle.

The most important piece of information I got from RAM for truck guys to know however is that this is a body-on-frame truck unlike the trio of Silverado, Sierra, and Hummer EVs from GM. The RAM 1500 EV will be built on the new STLA body-on-frame architecture designed specifically for full-size electric vehicles.

More akin to that which is found under the Ford Lightning, it features a full frame with electric motors both front and rear. While no specs are given at this point for horsepower, torque or range – even battery size. RAM tells us however it will have fast charging capability – able to add up to 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes with an 800-volt DC fast charger at 350 kW.

Like the GM trio, the concept truck has four-wheel steering that can turn up to 15 degrees. The concept itself also shows off big meaty mean 24-inch wheels and 35-inch tires, an air suspension, an electro-chromatic glass roof and a whole lot of other truck porn we can only hope makes it to a production model.

In such, the actual production version will be shown later this year to arrive for 2024. We hope to get more information then about power, payload, towing, range and of course the price tag.