One of the worst kept secrets in the mid-size truck world is that the Ford Ranger Raptor other countries have been enjoying for years is finally coming to the United States. We now finally get the most powerful, top off-road capable and brawniest Ranger that exists starting for 2024.

Ford had kept the Ranger Raptor from us for a good long time, claiming they didn’t want to cannibalize sales of the larger F-150 Raptor. But in a world where prices for that man toy hover between $80-100,000 easily there is now some oxygen in the room for a slightly smaller and less expensive model.

With a chassis and powertrain much on the same level as the Ford Bronco Raptor, the new Ranger Raptor brings all of the new exterior and interior design from the all-new 2024 Ranger but it gets significantly beefed up muscles to go along with its top dog off-roading capabilities.

A bold signature Raptor F-O-R-D letter grille is book-ended by projector LED headlamps and C-Clamp daytime running lights. A steel bumper underneath features unique design and tow hooks. Below it a substantial helping of rugged skid plate action. Extra wide fenders and rear flanks house larger 33-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain KO3 tires mounted to unique 17-inch wheels. Beadlock capable versions can be optioned.

Aside from the extra power, chassis of the Ranger Raptor is really where the big news is at. Track is some 3.5-inches wider and it sits 2-inches higher for a total ground clearance of 10.7-inches. Approach angle is 33 degrees, departure 26 and break-over angle is 24 degrees – all greatly improved of the base Rangers.

At the front are heavy duty aluminum upper and lower control arms and at the rear they ditched the leaf springs for a long-travel trailing arm setup featuring a Watts linkage for ultimate location control and articulation.

Coil springs are found at all four corners and making it all butter are computer controlled adaptive FOX 2.5-inch “live valve” internal bypass shocks. It’s all bolted to a significantly upgraded frame with reinforced front frame rails, shock towers and brackets as well as the suspension mounting points.

Making it the most powerful mid-size pickup truck in its class is the high output 3.0-liter twin turbocharged EcoBoost V6 with 405 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. It’s 10-speed automatic transmission and electronically controlled four-wheel drive system send power through both front and rear locking differentials. So it’s got all the hardware.

Oh and I almost forgot the active valve exhaust system can be tuned from quiet to riot from the driver seat to set to its various comprehensive drive modes. And that gets us to the interior which is a big step up from the ordinary.

Much like it’s bigger F-150 Raptor brother, the Ranger Raptor gets a sport steering wheel with magnesium paddle shifters and the trademark centering stripe. Nicely trimmed sport seats are a premium with lots of code orange accents to go around.

The 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor order blanks open about right now and you better get yours in fast with a good dealership that isn’t planning on raping you when it shows up. They will likely sell out fast to preorders, so if you do get lucky sometime down the the road to find one just sitting on a lot, you will likely be paying well over sticker. They arrive later this summer and pricing has not been announced as of this video. Smart money says expect more than you think it should be.




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